Thrift Store Challenge

Jodi House

Wife and mother of two wild boys, new home remodeler and blogger, beach lover.

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17 Responses

  1. This is so cute! You did a great job. It was a fun project to work on with you.

  2. Terrie says:

    Jodi, I always love coming over and reading what you find for our challenges. Your nautical theme really is lovely. I love the frame after you painted it. What a great idea on using sand, succlent and the glass vase to make that arrangement. So creative.

    Love working on the challenge with you. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Awesome finds! I think they are going to look great in your bathroom when it’s all done. Love the blue frame.

  4. Shae says:

    I love the vase that you made!!! So pretty! And the frame was a wonderful deal! Loved working with you on this project!!

  5. Jodi

    Such a cute find! So much fun to make over!


  6. Emily says:

    Such great finds!! They look perfect together!! They will look perfect in your bathroom, when it’s finished!!!
    Happy Monday, friend!!

  7. Maren says:

    Love how you added some rope and a succulent to the vase! So creative!

  8. Love what you’ve came up with, they go together so well. Will be looking forward to seeing them in your new bathroom but I think they look great here too!

  9. Dori says:

    Love this! So cute and creative!! It looks perfect in your bathroom!

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