Dollar Tree Tray Glow Up

This is an easy DIY anyone can do. AND, it is easily customizable to suit your taste and style. Here is how I made this Dollar Tree Tray Glow Up.

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Materials Used for this Project…

Dollar Tree Tray
Mod Podge
Spray Paint
Tissue Paper or Wrapping Paper of your taste

First, I spray painted my tray white. You can paint yours any color you like, or keep it silver. Up to you.

Next, I Mod Podged my tissue paper to the middle part of the tray only. You can use any paper you like. Even wrapping paper would work. Be careful with the Mod Podge and don’t use to much or you could rip the fragile tissue paper. After the paper dried, I cut off the edges with a very sharp exacto knife.

That is pretty much it! Wait for it to dry and use any way you like. I am using mine in my bathroom. I found some fun glass jars at Dollar Tree and filled them with bathroom essentials (Q-tips, cotton balls and cotton pads). You could fill them with anything you would like. Easy peasy! Enjoy.

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