DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins

What to do with all your saved wine corks…

Are you a wine drinker like me?  Do you save all your corks like me too?  Then they sit there forever in a vase or jar or something and you think, what the heck am I gonna do with all these, but you can’t seem to throw them all away?  Sound familiar?  A few years ago I made this DIY BAR Sign with my stash but since then I have collected enough to make a few more things.  Two different friends sent me pictures of some cute DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins suggesting I make some.  So. I had to oblige. Here is how I did it.

Materials Used for this Project

Wine Corks
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Craft Paint

Step 1, DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins….

Drink lots of wine and save all your corks.  LOL.

First I arranged all my corks on the counter in the shape I wanted.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

Step 2, DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins, Painting (Optional)…

Hoping for a sort of coastal vibe, I used some blue and white craft paint to dip the cork ends into.   I kept some natural too and did a random pattern. You could also paint them orange, or whatever color you want, or completely skip this step.

Step 3 – DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins, Gluing…

When I was happy with the colors and how they all looked, I started gluing.  I used my glue gun and glued together each row, like this…

Once all the rows were glued, I stacked them and glued them that way too.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

Continue gluing until it is all stacked up.

Step 4 DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins, Finishing Touches…

To finish,  I glued a champagne cork to the top for the stem and some faux leaves I had.  And, TA DAAAAA….that is it, all done!  This entire project took me about 1/2 an hour and looks pretty cute.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

And the good news is that if I ever get sick of these blues, I can just turn it around to the other side….

Here are some more pictures of it.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

It looks pretty cute on my Thrift Store Tray that I just made over.

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

That is it.  Pretty darn simple and doesn’t take that long at all.


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