Beach Day

Wednesday Weekly House Remodel Update – 2/3/16

After a busy morning I got home around noon, then I was going to start working on this update.  My husband came home shortly after and said, “let’s head to the beach for a couple hours before the kids get home from school”.  Um, what? The beach with no kids?  Sounded like heaven to me and the weather was perfect. My silly little blog could wait.   So, we were out the door and at the beach within about 20 minutes.  I am so glad we went.  Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and beach it. Am I right?

Now Onto House Updates…

The shingles are completed.  See!  Don’t they look good?


The  insulation was scheduled to begin on Monday only we changed our mind about what kind of insulation we wanted.  It was going to be just regular old insulation, ya know, the pink fiberglass kind that comes in rolls? That is until we met someone who told us to use the foam stuff called Icynene.  This stuff is supposed to keep the attic temperature down (in HOT Florida) allowing you to actually be able to store stuff up there, as well as many other benefits.  Anyway, once this stuff gets sprayed in, the drywall can go up. Yippeee!

Paint colors…

We selected three paint colors to try on our house.  They are, Perfect Greige, Windsor Greige and Sandbar all by Sherwin Williams.  The first two are more ‘gray’ than the last one. I can’t wait to see how they look.  Before we paint though, we need to clean up the stucco around the perimeter of the property.  This is scheduled to happen tomorrow.


Good news. The AC is installed and has been inspected and approved.  Things are moving along.  If it wasn’t for us changing our minds about the insulation we’d be even further along.  But, we want things done right.

That is about all for this week.  You can read all my past updates here.

Thanks for reading!


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