Weekly Wednesday Update – 2/10/16, Insulation and other stuff!

Hi!  Lots of stuff happening this week.  If you have missed any of my past house remodel updates, feel free to catch up on them here.


They prepped our house yesterday so that the spray foam insulation could get sprayed in today!  Whoop whoop!  This is big people!  BIG!  I am very excited. This stuff is going to be great and help reduce our energy bills.

Drywall, finally…

Also BIG….Drywall is getting delivered Friday so they can begin installation Monday.  YES!!!  I am told it will take about one week to install it all.  I can’t wait!  It will finally start to feel like a real, honest-to-goodness house.  Also once this is done things will start happening fast (or so I’m told).


I made some final tile selections for the guest bath and master bath.  I still need to decide on the kids bath and laundry room but I’ll probably go with something simple and inexpensive.

Front door…

Our front door was installed last week.  Here it is.  Nice huh?  The openness of it will bring in a lot of light to the otherwise dark entrance.  Yesterday they were prepping the area in front of it for concrete (as well as an area on the side of the house where the AC units will go).



We decided to get a few more quotes to paint our house. I thought the first quote was pretty high and we wanted to see if we could get the price down before we committed to anything.  Well, we found someone who will do it for less than half of the first quote.  We had some final excavation done over the weekend all around the house and are not ready to paint at this time.  So stay tuned for that.  I still need to decide on a color anyway.  😉

Things are moving along.  Lovin’ it!


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