Wednesday Weekly House Remodel Update – 1/27/16

More laptop issues…

Excuses, excuses…..So I finally get my laptop back from the Apple store only to discover it is still broken!  Everytime I try to do anything with an image, i.e. open PhotoShop or iPhotos the screen goes completely blue and crashes.  UGH!   I spent half the day yesterday trying to figure it out.  Rebooting, upgrading, etc.  Nothing was working.  I finally called to make an appointment with the Geniuses at Apple.  Of course they don’t have any appointments right away and the Apple store closest to my house is booked 2 weeks out. The best I could do was an appointment a week away at a store that is a little farther away.  Anyway, I will use my husband’s computer until mine is (hopefully) fixed.  And that is my excuse for not getting this update out yesterday. 😉

Okay, onto House stuff….

Man oh man did this week fly by.  I feel like I was just writing my last Weekly Update like, 2 minutes ago.  I also feel like not much has been done this week.  The AC guys are still working away in there.  They are aiming to be done and ready for inspection by Friday.  Fingers crossed!  Once that is done, they can finally begin putting the drywall up!  I. Can’t. Wait!


The shingles were delivered Tuesday so they could begin to shingle the roof Wednesday.  Unfortunately it rained Wednesday and it is raining again today. Of course its raining.  Grrrr!  Frustrating! But, tomorrow (Friday) is supposed to be nice.  We hope they begin.

Driveway Pavers…

Here are the pavers we choose for our driveway.  The colors are very neutral which means they will match pretty much everything.  The driveway will be the last thing we do, or close to the last thing.

Driveway Paver choice
Driveway Paver choice


Our pool is supposed to get started in 2 weeks (finally!!!). They haven’t been able to begin yet due to various equipment, etc. in the backyard.  Now that everything is cleared out they can begin to dig it out. However,  before they can begin we need the lanai roof put on since the lanai cage will be attached to it. Here is a picture of the lanai and the drawing of how the lanai roof will look.  It is hard to tell, but this area is huge!  Please disregard the yucky looking port-a-potty in the background.  That’ll be gone, eventually. We will have indoor plumbing.  🙂  Anyway, the roof is supposed to get started next week.


This whole house remodel project is very stressful.  Delays, making the right choices, waiting, worrying, wondering, money….it is hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel very lucky that we are able to do this, it is just a very frustrating process.  And now since we sold our house, the pressure is on to get it done so we can move in.  It seems so close yet so far away and we just need to hang in there for a few more months.  I can’t wait to get to the fun stuff, like decorating.

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