Wednesday Weekly Update – 11/4/15, Delays!

 Delays, Delays, Delays….

The word delay is not what any home remodeler wants to hear, but that is a word we heard a lot this week (and last).  The crane, which is needed to put on our roof trusses, was supposed to be here last week.  We thought it would be here Thursday, nope.  Then we thought Friday, nope again.  Then Monday and Tuesday came, nope and nope.  It rained one day last week so apparently that threw off the schedule.  Not sure why one days rain threw the schedule off ONE WHOLE WEEK, but it did. So much for sticking to that schedule posted on the wall. I really wanted to be able to post some pictures of our house with the new roof on and completed for today’s update, but alas…..I cannot.  However, the crane showed up today so here is a picture of it in our backyard doin’ work!  Here is the progression throughout the day.

The crane putting on our roof trusses. Picture taken at 8:30 am.

The crane putting on our roof trusses. Picture taken at 8:30 am.

Roof going up. Picture taken at approximately 11am.

Roof going up. Picture taken at approximately 11am. Progress!

New roof back view.

New roof back view.

View from inside. Looking good.

View from inside the upstairs addition. Looking good. Picture taken at 4:30.

Not bad for a day’s work.  By next week this will definitely be all framed in.  Wahoo!

Inside the house…

While the guys were waiting for the crane this week and last week they were working on the inside of the house. There is now framing for the downstairs bedrooms, bathrooms and pantry too.  I am so excited to have a decent sized pantry.  It won’t be huge, but definitely bigger than what I have now.

Still working on that list….

I thought we’d have more things checked off our ‘to-do’ list by now from the last time I mentioned it, but we don’t. Not one darn thing actually.  HA!  We will soon though.  Next up, plumbing fixtures.  Exciting stuff.

  • cabinets/kitchen – done/ordered
  • cabinets/vanities/bathrooms
  • cabinets/laundry room
  • backsplash for kitchen
  • appliances – done/ordered
  • tub/shower for master, kids and guest bath
  • counter tops (kitchen, bathrooms)
  • wood floors
  • tile floors for bathrooms
  • carpet for bedrooms
  • plumbing fixtures
  • pavers for pool – done/ordered
  • POOL – done/ordered
  • windows – done/ordered
  • doors (front/sliders) – done/ordered
  • paint color for exterior
  • paint colors for interior

That is all for now…

Once the roof is on I feel like things are going to progress much faster.  I hope!  Contractor friends… I right?

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