DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I have seen these cute DIY Sunburst Mirrors online and have been wanting to make one for a long time. Well, I finally did.  And guess what?  It was very easy, and very cheap to make!  Here are the materials used and instructions on how I made it.

Here is my version of DIY Starburst Mirror…

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Materials Used – DIY Starburst Mirror

2 – 1 qt. Paint Stick (30-Pack) from Home Depot. They are  ($.98 each)
Driftwood – some from my own collection, some from Hobby Lobby and Amazon
Small Round Mirror from Dollar Tree
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Materials Used

Step 1…

First, I flipped the mirror over and started gluing the paint sticks all around it.  Like this…

This is how it looked.  Pretty cool, but can you see how some of the glue is showing through a little bit in some spots?  Oops.  I used a razor blade to cut off as much glue as I could.  Then I went on to step 2.

DIY Sunburst Mirror
Here is how it looked after gluing the first round of sticks

Step 2…

Start gluing driftwood pieces on the top. You could skip this step and just use the paint sticks. I had these pieces of driftwood at home already, left over from when I made this Heart Wreath, so I thought I would use them up. Another idea you could do is paint the sticks, or stain them. I chose to keep them natural.

Once I finished gluing on the driftwood, I flipped it back over and started adding more paint sticks to fill in the gaps.  I kept flipping it over, checking how it looked, and filling in with more sticks until I was satisfied with how it looked..

DIY Sunburst Mirror
Adding more sticks to the back of the mirror to fill in the gaps

Step 3…

Lastly, I glued a piece of rope around the mirrors edge on the front to cover any glue.  I also glued a piece of that same rope to the back so it can be hung up.

Pretty simple, easy and inexpensive.

Here is how it looks hung up!  I am diggin’ it!

DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Sunburst Mirror

What do you think?


DIY Sunburst Mirror

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