Wood You Be Mine? – DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath

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I saw these cute driftwood heart wreaths on etsy and thought they would make the perfect project for the month of February.  So, I thought I would try my hand at making one.  Here is how I made my DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath.

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Materials List

4 bags of this driftwood
glue gun and glue sticks
rope to make it hang

Step 1, Purchase Driftwood…

I don’t have my own personal collection of driftwood from the beaches where I live (I DO have endless shells), so I had to buy it from Hobby Lobby.  I bought 4 bags.  They were $3.49 each bag (it is even less expensive online).  If you have a collection of driftwood, then use that instead!

DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath

Step 2, Cut out a Heart Shape…

I used cardboard and an exacto knife to cut out a heart outline.  I didn’t care that it wasn’t perfect since I would be covering it up with driftwood.  NOTE:  You could, of course, use any shape you like.  Just a plain circle would look great too.  I used a heart because of Valentine’s Day.

DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath

Step 3, Start arranging the driftwood…

Before I glued anything to the cardboard I separated the pieces of wood by size into piles.  Then I began to arrange them on the cardboard so I could get a basic idea of how it would look.  Once I was satisfied, I began gluing them to the cardboard.  You do end up rearranging a bit as you glue.  I continued to glue pieces until I liked the way it looked.  Be sure you have a lot of glue sticks on hand because you use a LOT of them.

Step 4, Hang and Enjoy…

I glued a piece of twine rope to the back to hang it up, then put it on our front screen door.  That is it.  Then, hang and enjoy wherever you like.

DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath


DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath