DIY Patriotic Fence

If you’ve been around here a while, then you might remember this DIY Pallet Flag Fence my husband built about 5 years ago. It came out awesome and we enjoyed it for many years. However, after a while the pallets started to rot out from the extreme heat and many rainy seasons here in Florida. It was time for something new.

Once again, my husband was the mastermind behind this project. He came up with the idea, the plan, and bought all the materials. The rest of us just went along with his plan and helped out and I must say it came out awesome! He is very creative. He also came up with the plan for our Tiki Bar if you care to check that out too.

Materials…..(this the what WE used. Adjust your material needs to meet your needs.)

One 12” x 48” tube for concrete (cut into 5 pieces)
Five 50 pound bags of quick dry concrete
Five pressure treated 4” x 4” x 6’ posts
Twenty 6” x 8’ wood fence slats
Box of 1.5” decking nails
Red, White, and Blue outdoor paint
2 packages of 24 wood stars from Amazon

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Step 1….

Select your location for the fence and measure 32 feet end to end. This overgrown area of our yard doesn’t belong to us. It is a weird pie shape piece of land that actually belongs to the house beside us. We built this fence to separate our ‘sports court area’ from this piece, and also to prevent our kids basketballs from landing into this overgrown spot making them hard to find.

Step 2…

Place a stake every 8 feet. 5 stakes total. This is where your posts will be. Dig 12” diameter holes, approximately 12” deep, at the location of each stake.

Step 3…

Have a helper to make sure that the posts are level and remain equal distance apart.
Hold posts in place, one foot below ground level, and pour concrete mix into holes around the post and
fill with water and solidify. The posts (and the fence) will be five feet above ground level.

Step 4….

We painted the slats before we attached the slats to the posts. 7 Red, 6 White, 6 Blue.

Step 5…

Attach the slats, with decking screws, to the posts in a flag pattern. 5 slats for each of the 4 sections.
Starting at the top of the posts, arrange slats 6” apart. The bottom slats should be 6” above ground

Step 6…

Attach the 48 wood stars to the blue slats, equal distance apart, with a staple gun and/or exterior
landscaping adhesive.

Add 3 Hampton Bay Beacon Park Gray Steel Outdoor Dining Benches to accent your patriotic fence!

Here she is. Not an exact replica of a flag, but a nice interpretation for the space we had.

DIY Patriotic Fence
DIY Patriotic Fence
DIY Patriotic Fence


DIY Patriotic Fence


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