DIY Christmas Signpost

I thought I’d post a quick tutorial on how we made this DIY Christmas Signpost to hide all our ugly wires.  We hang lights from both the first and second story of our house.  Our only outlet is in the front of the house so the wires were hanging down. We did our best to disguise them in the past but then my husband came up with this idea to hide them even more!  He simply puts the wires into this so they are not all hanging from the front of our house.  Isn’t it cute?

Here is the Step by Step…

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Materials Used in this Project

10 ft PCV Pipe

Red Duct Tape

Scrap Wood


Paint Pens 









First he bought a 10ft pvc pipe at Home Depot and some red duct tape.  I stuck the duct tape all around the pipe to make it look like a candy cane.

Then we used a scrap piece of wood from the garage to make the signs.  He cut the wood in half (I used the other half for this project) and then I painted it white.  Then we cut the wood to look like arrows.

Next, I used my red Paint Marker to paint the words onto the signs.  Paint Markers are so amazin and are sold at all craft stores.  I scrolled through all my fonts on my computer and looked for anything that I thought looked Christmasy, and even downloaded a few new fonts, then used those as a guide.  I hand drew these, but you could use a stencil or transfer paper to make an outline, then fill in with the paint markers.  They are not perfect but I think that adds to the charm.  We had fun picking out the towns or areas we would use.

To attach these to the pole we nailed in some u-hooks and using a stick we stuck them thru the holes on the pvc pipe to hold them in place.

And that is it.  Easy!

And here it is!  Our DIY Christmas Signpost.  Looks a lot better than just a plain white pvc pipe.


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