A recap of our first year in the House house…

To all my mamma readers out there, I truly hope you had great Mother’s Days!  Mine was great. I got some nice gifts from my husband and kids, including a coupon book from my 10 year old for free hugs and other cute things, and my husband made breakfast (which hardly EVER happens).  My mother lives close by and my mother-in-law was visiting, so we took an all day boat ride with the kids.  It was a great day.

Anyway, speaking of Mother’s Day, I can’t believe that this Mother’s Day marked our one year anniversary of moving into the House house.  One year!  What?  That sure flew by. I thought I’d write up a year in review post to recap all the things we’ve done this year.  So much has happened inside and outside of the house, and there is still more to do.  Being a home owner is a never ending process.  Constantly decorating, rearranging, maintaining, stuff like that. Right?

So far in the past year, I’ve revealed; the kitchen, living room, dining room, guest bedroom, laundry room, and guest bathroom.  There are many more rooms that still need ‘revealing’ that I’ll get to eventually. Some are still not reveal-worthy in my opinion.  😉


Also, in the past year I’ve been busy becoming a furniture refinisher/painter/updater/DIYer and have painted and refinished lots of our old furniture.  For example this dining table, these bar stools, this bar area, and our kitchen bar area too (what, doesn’t every house have 2 bar area’s??), my husband built this pallet fence, and also a few other items I never even posted anything about.  AND, I’ve got a few more pieces that I plan to tackle too.

Other stuff…

We got through out first Halloween here and handed out 14 JUMBO bags of candy.  It was crazy.  We live on the main road so had lots and lots and LOTS of trick or treaters.

We also survived our First Christmas here and I even wrote a whole post about these amazing balls (hehehe balls) that I made, and these easy wine bottles.  People warned us about living here during Christmas time.  You need to decorate your house to the nines and the traffic can get out of control.  People come from all over the place to drive through here to see the lights for pretty much the whole month of December, including tour buses and golf carts from all over not only from our neighborhood, but neighboring ones too.  Christmas Eve was crazy.  There is so much traffic that the cars go about 2 miles per hour through here.  If you see a friend in their car passing your house, you can literally have a full conversation with them as they are driving by. Many nights we had beers/wine/drinks with a fire pit and some friends in the front yard and we loved every minute of it.  Yes it is a HUGE pain in the ass putting up, and especially taking down, all the decorations, but it was all worth it.

Other random stuff…

We added an aquarium and have had many fish funerals since.  Oops! But most of the fish are surviving and many are going strong and getting huge.  Its been a bit of a learning curve figuring out which fish get along and won’t eat each other.

My husband and I went to the Super Bowl and had quite the experience.

Overall we’ve had a great year here.  It is so nice being in a neighborhood with so many kids and so many great parents too.  We look forward to many more years in the House house.

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