Wednesday Weekly House Remodel Update – 12/30/15

Hello All!  Yes, I skipped sending out an update last week.  Sorry about that.  We were traveling and busy and not much was going on with the house remodel anyway.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We sure did.  We spent a few days in Massachusetts with family.  It was really nice and not to cold.  We flew back here in time for Christmas (with my mother-in-law in tow).  We spent Christmas Eve at the House house partying in our front yard. My husband put together some Christmas lights, a blow up thing, put up a tent and we lit a bonfire to make popcorn on, even though it was 80 degrees outside.  It was super fun.  Friends and neighbors stopped by for some wine and laughs and tons of cars drove through to see all the lights in the neighborhood.  Santa brought lots of goodies Christmas day for our boys.  We are very blessed.

Partying at the House house on Christmas Eve
Partying at the House house on Christmas Eve

Laptop Issues…..

I am having issues with my laptop.  UGH!  My 4 year old MacBook Pro decided to die the other day.  I was working away, minding my own business when it just decided to shut down.  I tried to reboot and….nothing.  We have an Apple store nearby and an iHospital (which I would highly recommend checking out if you ever have issues with your apple products; no lines, great service, great prices, knowledgeable staff.)  I brought the laptop into the iHospital and they determined it was the logic board. Huh? The what now? Yes, the logic board.  It is the thing that controls your graphics, or something like that.  Anyway, it was broken and they said they’d have to send it out to be replaced and I’d get it back in 10-14 days to the tune of $550. Ouch!  Fine, I agreed.  Just get it done.  Well, turns out there is a known issue with my particular MacBook with the logic board, so iHospital called and said I’d need to pick up my laptop and bring it to the Apple store (where it may be covered – which would be great).  But, yuck!  That place is always packed.  So, I picked it up today and headed to the Apple store.  OMG, it was super packed!  I waited in line to be told there would be at least a 4 hour wait to speak to a technician, or I could schedule an appointment. Fine, let’s schedule an appointment I say. The next appointment available isn’t until January 9th.  What?  So, I scheduled it and came home with a still broken laptop! Grrr!  I could try to get to the Apple store first thing in the morning before they open and MAYBE just maybe be able to speak to a technician.  But, they told me there is usually a bunch of people waiting to get in way before they open so chances of speaking to someone are unknown!  Gross.  That doesn’t sound like much fun.  Anyway, how frustrating is that mess??? Thankfully I am able to use the hubby’s computer today while he is out golfing and hopefully I will get this straightened out soon.

Anyhooooo, onto the house updates…

The electricians have been working their little bootays off and things are looking good. It is nice to see all the electrical outlets and wires flowing through the walls.  Things are coming together.

The addition is getting prepared to get stucco on it.  It almost looks like its painted a dark blue in this (badly lit) photo but it is just the weather proofing stuff and chicken wire material they put up first.  Not sure of the technical terms for this material but it sure looks like chicken wire.  Anyway, we will need to pick out a paint color soon.  Any suggestions?  What would you do?


Bay window done, getting ready for stucco
Bay window done, getting ready for stucco

The bay window is all framed in and looks amazing.  All the sliders are now installed too and they look great.

Happy New Year…

I can’t believe tomorrow is New Years Eve!  May you all have a happy, safe, and healthy New Year!

Thanks for reading and letting me rant about my laptop.  Be back next week!



  • Reply Jewels Battaglino December 31, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Hi House Family! Happy New Year! Jodi, We love Dunn Edwards brand paint, as it really stands the test of time in the heat of Arizona. Not sure if they have that brand in FL, or which brand your painter recommends. We like choosing a color that will glow when it’s sunset, it’s kind of like having 2 different paint jobs on the house. One for all day and then when sunset comes, like magic the house appears to be a brighter version of itself during sunset. 🙂

    • Reply Jodi House December 31, 2015 at 11:55 am

      Hi! I have not heard of that brand of paint but will definitely look into it. Love your idea about choosing a color. will take that into consideration when it is time for us to pick. Thanks for the idea! Happy New Year to you guys too!

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