Injury = Boredom (and blog updates)

Hello All.  I injured myself.  I dropped a 35 pound barbell on my right foot yesterday at the gym.  I’ve never done that before, even after doing Crossfit for over 6 years.  The darn thing just slipped right outta my hands and right ontta my foot.  Let me tell you…it hurt! Bad!  I left the gym, a little embarrassed I must say, and iced it for an hour or so.  I felt okay so I went about my day, ya know, grocery shopping, visiting the appliance store to finalize our order, walked to the bus stop to get the kids, etc.  I started making dinner and WHAM the foot swelled up and I could barely move it.  It freaked me out.  I contacted my doctor friend, who also happens to do Crossfit with me almost every day (and was there when it happened) and he advised me to ice it, elevate it and take some Motrin.  And wouldn’t ya know? It worked. I really thought I was going to have to go to the ER last night, it hurt that bad.  I am taking it easy today so I don’t have a repeat incident.  I’ve been lying on the couch all damn day watching tv and icing my stupid foot so I thought I’d take this opportunity to update my blog.


Check out my updated Before/After page. Even though things are at a standstill right now with the mold situation there has been lots of progress since we started.

And check out my Products I Love page. Yes, this an affiliate page which means if you click on any of the links and purchase something then I make a small commission.  So good ahead, buy some stuff!  I dare ya. 😉

They poured the concrete in our new pool today.  Holy cow!  It looks amazing!

Pool progress!
Pool progress!

I will be taking it easy again tomorrow by going to the beach with some friends.  I feel the need to stay out of the gym for a few more days.  LOL

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