Best Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home

Top 7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Neat

Recent studies have shown that America has a clutter problem. In a 2017 article, researchers were quoted that a quarter of homes in America were experiencing clutter problems. This arises when one’s house has too many belongings because of a need to purchase items even when your finances or living space can’t accommodate them anymore.

Clutter in the home has many causes, ranging from impulsive shopping behavior of individuals to the institutional encouragement of rampant consumerism. This has led to the average American household containing no less than 300,000 different objects. The problem with too much clutter in the home is that it can lead to the need for mold mitigation services and pest control. When the clutter becomes out of control, there is a definite need to declutter and clean the home again but before you can even get to the part where you might see mold, decluttering has to come first. It’s not the easiest job to do, either, which is why hiring a cleaning service can help.

If you want to declutter when winter is over, here are seven effective spring cleaning tips you need to know.

You may have an abundance of fabrics stockpiled in your closets and wardrobes. This doesn’t just mean clothing since this also includes bedsheets, curtains and other articles made of cloth. If you find yourself simply drowning in fabric, you can reuse them in a variety of ways.

First, you may want to buy dress patterns on the internet and use them as templates to create new clothing from old fabric. This will allow you to expand your wardrobe without needing to buy more stuff. Or you can find creative ways to use old clothes, such as turning them into quilts, using them as rags or other creative endeavors.

The sheer amount of stuff in your house may mean you can’t just dump them in a nearby bin. Unless you have a large truck to transport your refuse and clutter to the nearest recycling plant or garbage dump, you may want to try skip hiring. This means you hire a large Dumpster for your personal use for a given time.

Since this can be a little expensive, you should have already cleaned out most of the areas in your house and the skip you hire is just to haul the detritus away. You can use such hired skips to cart away large items like old monitors, broken furniture and the like or to get rid of multiple items

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to involve throwing away your old items. You can actually make a quick buck if you find a lot of items that are still functional. Although holding a garage sale may not be the safest thing given the pandemic, you can still put stuff you find as you clean for sale online. Or you can make a post on social media featuring the items you’ve discovered. Try to sell items in bulk rather than individually.

For example, if you have too much cutlery in your kitchen drawers, don’t sell spoons and forks by themselves but sell them as sets. You can be surprised how much money you can make after deep cleaning your home for the spring.

Cleaning up an entire house in one day is a daunting challenge and one that you shouldn’t aim for unless you have a huge team of experienced cleaners behind you. Rather than set unrealistic expectation of your cleaning capabilities, you should focus on cleaning one room at a time.

If you have a large house, you can deep clean one or even two rooms in a single day. This means that instead of doing a half-baked job emptying your home of clutter, you can rest assured that you have gotten rid of most of your clutter and dirt. Cleaning one room at a time can also motivate you to begin spring cleaning as it is less daunting to consider.

Speaking of daunting, there is a psychological factor that few home cleaners consider. First, you need to find the proper motivation to spring clean. It can be because you are expecting guests or because you want to put your home up for sale. A strong enough motivation should get the ball rolling. If not, you can gamify the experience, giving small rewards and treats to participants. This is exceptionally useful if you have kids. Next, you should consider the different cleaning philosophies available when deciding what to remove.

For example, Marie Kondo’s philosophy revolves around deciding if an object still brings you joy and thanking it for its service if not. Or you can use more practical methods such as putting a limit to the number of books, shoes or tools you own.

With Americans producing almost 5 pounds of trash a day, spring cleaning can be a useful way of reminding yourself not to accumulate to many items. Effective spring cleaning strategies and methods can be the key to keeping your home clean from clutter and free from health risks.

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