Declutter Your Space This Fall With These Easy Home Organization Tips

As any lover of home decor and design will likely admit, finding space for all those spectacular DIY projects and seasonal decor purchases is a monumental challenge, if not outright impossible. For many, home decor isn’t just “stuff” – it has a sentimental value and perhaps brings back precious memories of times past. However, at a certain point, you may find you just don’t have space for all your treasures anymore. Your home feels cluttered and disorganized, and you begin to feel anxious. As much as you wish it weren’t true, you know it’s time to declutter. 

While decluttering may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, by making it easier to find things and keep your space clean, you’ll actually save yourself oodles of time in the long run. And though decluttering is often assumed to mean downsizing, it doesn’t have to. It’s also about changing the way you organize all your bits and pieces so that everything has a home. Read on to learn strategies for both!

Downsizing to Declutter

Before you start reorganizing, you need to get rid of the items that, as Marie Kondo would say, do not spark joy. As you go through each room, consider how often you use each item (is it functional?), how likely you are to use it in the future, and whether it has sentimental value. 

In your bathroom, you might find that you’re holding on to expired bath and beauty products. Similarly, your kitchen cupboards and pantry may be overflowing with expired food products. That icing sugar you bought three years ago for those bakesale cupcakes does actually expire pretty quickly! Your cupboards may also be crowded with single-function kitchen appliances and equipment. Consider purchasing a multi-use appliance such as a Vitamix to save space.  

In the bedroom, sort through your closet for items that you rarely wear. If it’s just taking up space, put it in a donation pile. 

Reorganizing to Declutter

Now that you’ve said goodbye to the items that just weren’t serving you, you’re ready to reorganize. The first step is to consider how you can maximize your vertical space. While things can go in boxes, the boxes need to go somewhere, too. Add shelving in your storage room, garage, or basement to free up valuable floor space. In high-traffic areas such as the bathroom, add hooks and decorative shelving. 

Next, develop a categorization system based on how often you’ll need to access your stored items, as well as by theme. Use up the storage boxes and bins you already have before going out to buy more, and make sure that everything is clearly labelled and placed somewhere that makes sense. It’s also a good idea to create a master list that you can look at when you need to find something specific and can’t remember where you put it. 

Do you own lots of seasonal decor but have no basement or attic to put it in? Consider using outdoor storage services to store all those Christmas figurines and baubles during the year, and get your spare room back. Out-of-season items, like suitcases and decorations can also be kept safe in storage units.

When making purchases or undergoing DIY projects in the future, remember that less is more. Purchase fewer items of higher quality that will really stand the test of time, and pick DIY projects that take longer than an afternoon. Consider selling your projects once they’re complete rather than being tasked with finding a place for them in your own home. Finally, remember that a decluttered home doesn’t mean boring – it just means you’re making space for the most important things in your life so that they can have the spotlight. 

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