How to Keep Your Bedroom in Order and Clutter-free

3 Habits to Practice for a Clutter-free Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you finally lie down to rest and sleep at the end of each day, and having a messy and cluttered bedroom is simply unhealthy for everyone.

Have you ever stared at your messy room and realized how hopeless it is to clean it? Did your room ever make you feel as if it would be easier to cover the piles of clothes on your floor with sheets than to wash them? Have you ever felt stressed by your bedroom mess that you simply gave up, shoved them to the side to go to bed? Well, let us tell you that it is time to stop that. The habit is not helping anyone, and it only adds to your morning stress. Think about it.

Understandably, people can get tired from a long day of work that they do not have the time to clean up their rooms. However, you can avoid a messy bedroom altogether with the right attitude and good practice. We will try to help you out with some tips in this article.

Always Make the Bed in the Morning

How do you want to start your day? Do you want to start it with a heavy feeling, or do you want to start it properly? If you answer the latter, then making the bed each morning is your way to go. The habit is an unconscious practice that sets the mood for the whole day. It only takes less than five minutes if you think about it. Thus, the next time you feel like you are running late and do not have the time, tell yourself that you do. If you can spare thirty to forty-five minutes of social media scrolling on the toilet, then you can surely do this.

Maximize Shelves, Racks, and Storage Boxes

Organizers are and should be everyone’s best friends in their bedrooms. Everyone has their stuff they keep in their bedrooms. Women have their skincare and makeup, and men have their accessories too. These things are one of the causes of clutter in the bedroom, especially on your table or drawer tops. One day they were cluttered on your vanity table; the next day, they are underneath the bed or missing even. Therefore, you should maximize organizers to house every single thing that can pose as clutter. Do not just rely on your drawers and cabinets; it is better to have storage boxes that you can classify and label as well. One can be for your aromatic oil bottles, and another can be for your makeup. You can also have some for your accessories orbling; this habit will also help you prepare faster in the morning. You would not have to rummage through your drawers for a missing pair of earrings. Think about it.

Lastly, you also need to sort out your dirty laundry. If you cannot bring it down your laundry room immediately, you should have laundry baskets to throw them in instead of letting them cover your whole floor.

Do Not Work in Your Bedroom

Now that work from home has become a business setup and phenomenon, working on the bed has also become part of the new normal. Unfortunately, this is one of the leading causes of bedroom clutter. See, an average employee works eight to nine hours each day, which would mean you would be moving around your room for the said hours. During the said period, there would be clutter in your wake. The things you have touched and kept beside you (and not just your phone), the paper files you brought with you, the endless coffee mugs you failed to wash, the crumbs from the pizza you had for lunch, and more. Imagine these things on your bed and all over your room. Tell us how working on your bed is efficient? No, it is not.

Stylish interior of bedroom with lamps

Additionally, working on your bed blurs the personal and healthy boundary between work and life. It can even break your biological clock. Instead of feeling sleepy or tired in bed, you train your brain to stay awake because you have been lying down working. The more time you spend working in bed, the more clutter you accumulate, and the unhealthier your sleeping pattern will be. Think about it.

Your bedroom should be your haven, the place you will yearn for each working day. If it is nothing but cluttered and messy, you should start practicing these habits. After all, a messy bedroom would prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.

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