Giving Green Its Rightful Throne In Realm Of Home Decor

If you’re mad about interior design, you’ll be familiar with the concept of color loyalty. Various styles around the world that have brought us to where we are now, all have their own color loyalty. Very few decor styles don’t actually have an affiliation or affection with this idea. But notice how the Victorian style makes great use of deep forest brown royalty red? Modern styles have an obsession with neutrals, mainly white, beige, grey and black. The Scandinavian decor is also hell-bent on making almost everything into a ceramic white or pastel grey. The industrial style wants most things to be in a burgundy or orange shade. Rustic Italia has many things red and yellow in the home. Only very complex styles like eclectic and shabby chic don’t really fit this kind of thinking. One color above all others hasn’t ever had a loyalty movement. Green should take center stage in your home for this reason.

From the groovy years

You may argue that green has had a loyal following, at least somewhat during the 70s groovy era. This was when rock n’ roll, jazz, disco and so many other music movements were occurring all at the same time. The way people dressed also had an effect on home decor. Orange was one of the most loved colors for practically everything, from rugs, sofas to paintings on the walls. However, green also had its place. Green can go well where there aren’t many other neutrals. In other words, it has to blend into the decor, so a green cushion for your sofa or a green table cloth for your dining table is definitely a great start. A green shabby rug is also a great addition but it should go somewhere it doesn’t hog the limelight such as in the hallway.

A natural green

Green is, of course, one of the most difficult colors to get right in the home. Most things just look better in almost any other color. However, green is a brilliant addition to home decor if it’s natural. And what better way than to buy a plant for your home? The trouble is, many plants go from a healthy dark green color to a bright green shade because of a lack of oxygen and sunlight. So it’s best to put whatever plant you choose, buy an led grow light bulb which will give your plants the right kind of light which will spur on its natural functions. This is a 100w bulb but you can get a 300w, 600w and 1,000w bulb too depending on how large your plant is. Water your plants every single day to keep it a strong green shade.

However, you implement the color green into your home, know that getting it right is tricky. You can get the best results by avoiding putting any kind of green decor item next to a neutral such as a white or black. However, natural green is always the best start to following color loyalty for your interior design.

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