The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Updating The Kitchen On A Budget

The kitchen is the busiest room in your entire property, which is why it deserves regular TLC. So, if you’ve left yours untreated for some time, now is the time to do just that.

However, the transformation can be a rather daunting one when you have a limited budget to work with. Thankfully, these six tricks should put you on the right track for a fast, affordable, and highly rewarding upgrade.

Kitchen view

Switch To LED Lighting

Perhaps the easiest upgrade to incorporate is to make the switch to LED lighting. LED light bulbs are cheap to buy and offer far greater longevity than incandescent lighting. They’re also great for the environment, which is an increasingly crucial aspect in today’s modern world.

Most notably, though, the switch to LED lighting should make the kitchen even brighter. The use of spotlights is particularly noticeable in this sense. This should be coupled with using a dimmer switch. In turn, the versatility and control over those lighting facilities becomes greater than ever. Make this the first project on the agenda.

Give The Cabinets A Makeover

The kitchen is home to food cabinets, storage cabinets, and a host of other cabinets. If yours are looking a little worse for wear, this is an aspect that needs quick treatment. Sadly, the prospect of ripping out the cabinets and replacing them is expensive and time-consuming.

As such, cabinet painting and refinishing is a far better option. It’ll leave the items looking and feeling brand new. Better still, you’ll have no worries about whether you have enough storage or whether the cabinets will fit the space. Once again, this is an eco-friendly solution as you’re utilizing existing items. This is another noteworthy advantage.

Make Accessories With DIY Projects

Most families use the kitchen as a place to celebrate their personality and unique charm. Decorative features like plaques and photos are a great way to do this. However, you can take that one-of-a-kind element to another level by using DIY projects. In truth, this is what makes a house a home.

There are many possible assignments that you could choose. This guide to making a farmhouse sign from scrap wood should get the creative juices flowing. This is also something that can united parents with children. The resulting products can provide a sense of pride for all. This can create a far bigger impact than buying fancy decorations at extortionate prices.

Install A Filter Tap

The kitchen sink is a focal point that gets through a lot of work. You don’t need to replace it, though. Simply give it the modern upgrade by adding a filter tap. This will allow you to enjoy a better quality of water. It also makes the whole kitchen feel updated without affecting the garbage disposal and other features. If it encourages you to drink more water that’s great.

This is the perfect opportunity to give the kitchen sink a thorough deep clean too. Whether the sink it metallic or another material, this will make a huge difference to your relationship with the home. As a quick and cost-effective solution, this is one of the best.


Add Some Tiles

A feature wall can bring a standout vibe to any room, and the kitchen is no different. While painting a wall is certainly an option, you’ll probably find that tiles are the better option. Aside from offering a change in the esthetic, they are sure to look their best for longer. This is because they can be wiped clean should any cooking materials or ingredients spill onto them.

Tiles can be added behind the cooker, on the wall under the cabinets, or anywhere else you see fit. Whether opting for the same color, mixing it up with various colors, or using patterns is up to you. Either way, tiling part of the kitchen is a fantastic upgrade that will bring a fresh new look.

Bring The Outdoors, Inside

Ok, adding sliding patio doors would be a significant project but is one to consider. However, you needn’t make this big commitment to make the kitchen feel fresh and natural. Growing herbs in the window is a particularly good option. Not least when supported by increased natural lighting.

Other simple ideas include hanging a wind chime outside the kitchen window. Bringing the tones of nature to the kitchen will make food prep and cleaning times far less stressful. Given that you’ll be spending a lot of time in this room, there is no doubt that this is a hugely rewarding breakthrough. You’ll be the king or queen of the kitchen in no time.


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