Post-holiday Fitness: How to Motivate Yourself to Get Back Into Shape

It can be hard to get back into your regular exercise routine after the holidays. One of the main reasons it can be hard to get back into your regular exercise routine after the holidays is all the temptations you face. It’s easy to overindulge between the delicious food and all the parties and put on a few extra pounds.

Another reason it can be tough to get back into your routine is that you may have spent a lot of time traveling and might not have had as much time to work out as you usually do.
But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get back into exercising after the holidays. Here are a few tips:

Start slow and work your way up

After the holidays, you might not feel like starting back at your regular workout routine since you’re probably feeling a little sore or nonathletic. It’s important that you take it easy when you jump back into exercising after the holidays. That means if you usually do cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes, start out with 15 or 20 minutes instead-and add on more time as your body gets used to it again.

Do something you enjoy

If you don’t enjoy the type of exercise you’re doing, it’s going to be a lot harder to stick with it. That’s why it’s important to find an activity that you really enjoy and look forward to doing. Whether it’s swimming, biking, hiking, or playing sports, finding an enjoyable exercise is a key to sticking with your workout routine.

The holidays can be a difficult time to stay motivated when it comes to working out, but by doing something you enjoy, you’ll hopefully find it a bit easier to get back into your groove. Just take it slow and be patient-you’ll get there in no time!

Do various activities

When it comes to staying motivated to exercise, doing various activities can be a big help. This is because when you do different activities, you’re working different parts of your body and challenging yourself in different ways. This not only makes exercising more interesting, but it also helps keep you motivated because you’re always striving to improve and do better.

Plus, you’re less likely to get injured when you do different activities. This is because you’re not overworking a particular muscle or joint, which can happen if you stick to the same routine all the time. By mixing up your workouts, you’ll stay healthy and motivated-and who doesn’t want that?

Buy new workout clothes

One great way to motivate yourself to get back into exercising after the holidays is to buy some new workout clothes. A new plus-size sports bra or pair of sneakers can give you the push you need to start working out again. And if you have new clothes to show off, you’re more likely to stick with your workout routine!

So go ahead and treat yourself! Buying new workout clothes is a great way to start the New Year off on the right foot.

Involve your family or friends

Make a deal with your spouse or children to go on a walk with you every night after dinner. Not only will you get more activity in for the day, but it can also be a great way to spend some quality time with those you love.

Finding ways to keep yourself motivated to stick with an exercise program is important because exercise not only keeps us healthy but can also improve our moods and boost our self-image. By finding a new workout partner, signing up for a fun exercise class, or just giving yourself some extra motivation for each day’s workout, you’ll be able to make sure that these positive changes continue throughout the year-long after the holidays are over.

Sleep well

Another thing you can do to get back into your regular exercise routine after the holidays is to sleep well. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can be tough to wake up in the morning, and that’s when you’re most tempted to hit snooze over and over again. Sleep well-it’ll help you live the healthy life you deserve!

So don’t worry if you feel like you’ve put on a few extra pounds or haven’t exercised in a while. With these simple tips, you’ll be back into your routine before you know it! And who knows-you might even enjoy the holidays a little more this year knowing that you’re in great shape and have plenty of energy to enjoy all the festivities.

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