Turning Your Loft Into An Extra Bedroom

Lofts can often sit abandoned, usually becoming dumping grounds for clutter. Such a space could be put to better use and transformed into extra bedroom. This could be a bedroom for family, guests, lodgers – or even yourself.

In order to transform your loft into a bedroom, here are some of the steps that you can take.

Clear out the clutter

If you’ve been hiding clutter up in the loft, the first important job could be to cull this clutter. You may be able to relocate some it to other rooms in your home. Other possessions may need to be scrapped, sold or donated. Selling your clutter is recommended as it could help you to raise some money to put towards your conversion.

Meet legal living requirements

For a room to be legally classed as a bedroom, it needs to meet a few building code requirements such as offering enough headspace, as well as having accessible escape path in the event of a fire. Some people have to raise the roof or build staircases in order to meet these requirements, which could be a big cost to consider and may require a building permit. Research into this first so that you know your conversion is definitely feasible.

Fix up the floor

Some lofts have nothing but bare floorboards or even exposed rafters. Laying down some comfortable and practical flooring could be necessary. Carpet and laminated wood are two great options to consider.


Loft spaces can get very cold if uninsulated. Check whether your loft has insulation or not (this should be detailed in the documentation you got when you moved in). Loft insulation could help to save money on your entire home’s energy bills by preventing heat escaping during the winter, preventing you from having to reach for the thermostat as often.

Add electrics

You’ll probably want to install some electrics in your new bedroom. Make sure that there are enough sockets and enough lighting. Spot lighting could be a cool touch for lighting up all the recesses of your loft bedroom.

Consider a few luxury features

Don’t settle for a boring loft bedroom. There are lots of cool features that you could consider adding to your new bedroom.

An en suite bathroom could be one option. Getting the water up there will likely require a pump such as a Berkeley pump and you’ll need to invest in extra plumbing. Transporting fixtures into your loft could also be difficult if access into your loft is restricted. However, if you can work around these issues, it could be a great way to transform your bedroom.

A skylight meanwhile could be a cute touch to allow in some natural light as well as giving you the option to lay in bed and see the stars at night. Other windows could also be added to let in more light such as dormer windows. You could even consider a balcony if you have the space and planning permission.

Hire the pros

A loft conversion is not something that you want to handle yourself. Hiring professional architects and contractors will ensure that the job is done to the best standard. Do your research to find trustworthy loft conversion experts in your area.