Wednesday Weekly Update 10/7/15

Sick Day…

This will be a short update this week.  I am feeling a little under the weather and have been in bed most of the day.  I don’t get sick often but I’ve been running myself ragged and haven’t been sleeping much.  Insomnia is the worst thing ever!  On top of the house updates and this blog, I’ve also signed up to help plan Family Fun Night at our son’s school, which is coming up in a few weeks.  It has been a ton of work.  Well, it all finally caught up to me and now I’m sick with a stuffy nose, headache, scratchy throat, you know, the whole nine yards.  I went back to sleep for a few hours after the kids went to school, then rested and watched TV in bed until it was time to get them off the bus. Lucky for me a “Million Dollar Listing – Los Angeles” marathon was on Bravo.  Geez, those houses make the House house look like a shack.  Nothing like watching one of those shows to make you feel totally inadequate.  HA!  People buying $17,000,000 houses in cash that they plan to completely remodel or tear down and build a new one. It is cray-cray. Am I right? Anyway, I digress……

Updates at the House house

Things are moving along at our house remodel.  The rain has held off for most of this week and the rest of last week (after I complained about it on my last Wednesday Update).  It is pretty wild looking at our house.  The whole back half of the house is mostly gone.  It looks so weird.  When you drive by you can literally see the back yard straight through from the front windows (or holes where windows will go one day).  These pictures are from the other day.  My plan was to go there today and take more, but I didn’t make it being sick and all.


My oldest son checking things out.


Back half of house, gone.


View from inside, looking at back.

Yard Sale Time….

To get our house ready to be put on the market we decluttered and had a yard sale over the weekend.  Man oh man is that a pain.  People just want stuff for nothing. I mean, I get it, but it can get downright annoying and I ended up keeping a few things that I wasn’t ready to ‘give away’. And don’t get me started on the early bird crowd that shows up 1/2 hour or more before the advertised time and watches you while you set up, and sifts through your stuff before you can even get it all out and priced. Annoying!  We did however get rid of lots of stuff.  My mom came over and helped out a TON since we had to be at sports games with the boys during peak yard sale hours. Thank you mom!!!

Our house is shaping up and looks a little less cluttered inside.  We will probably have one more sale once we move to get rid of furniture and stuff that we may not want to keep, but for now, we need the furniture to live and places to sit and stuff.  Ya know?

Anyway, that is all I got for now.  Hopefully I am feeling back to normal tomorrow.  I ain’t got time to be sick!

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