Wednesday Weekly Update – 9/16/15 More Remodel Progress

Hi.  Today is my birthday.   How come I don’t like birthdays like I used to?  Ugh!  Getting older stinks.  Although, I don’t feel ‘old’.  Well, sometimes I do, but overall I feel the same as I did in my 20’s, just with more wrinkles.  HA!  Anyhoooooo,

Here is what is going on with the House house this week….

If you missed the last few updates, you can find them all here.

Not to much exciting stuff going on the house remodel this week, but, progress is progress! The guys continue to do electrical work inside and outside of the house.  Concrete is still getting poured to get the house ready for the roof trusses. They are supposed to be working on the trusses next week, hopefully.  Concrete was poured in the double top plates so they are strong enough to hold up a second story.  It was also poured inside the house.

Concrete poured and ready for second story.
Concrete poured in the double top plates.

New concrete wall and window frame.
New concrete wall and window frame.


The window guy was at the house too, taking measurements and marking windows that will be turned into sliding glass doors and a few places where we are adding them.  The windows are ordered but still about 3 weeks out.  The house is not ready for them yet anyway.  I can’t wait to see them installed.  They are going to look the bomb dot com! Bam!

Window markings
This window will turn into a slider.
Window. Don’t mind our completely overgrown shrubs.

We still need to check off a few more things from our massive check list.  Next on the list is plumbing fixtures.  Good times!

Hope to have more to share with you next week. Thanks for checking in!





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