Wednesday Weekly Update 8/26/15 – Concrete and Checklists

This Weeks Update at the House house

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I decided I am going to post updates every Wednesday and call it, Wednesday Weekly Update (really clever name, huh?). Unless of course something awesome is happening say on a Friday and I just can’t wait all the way to Wednesday to share it with you.  Sound good?

So, here is what is happening this week at the House house….concrete is poured and the concrete blocks are there and ready for framing.  There are piles of them in our backyard.  Things are definitely starting to take shape and it is a-maze-zing.  We still have a very long way to go, but, things are moving along nicely.

Concrete truck in our backyard!

Concrete truck in our backyard!

Concrete poured!

Partial concrete poured for our extension and lanai!

Concrete poured.

Complete concrete poured.

Concrete blocks ready for framing.

Concrete blocks ready for framing. (For those that don’t know, most of Florida uses concrete block for framing vs. wood framing to protect from hurricane’s and termites.)

Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks

The above photos are the back of the house, but there is stuff happening in the front of the house too!  These front three windows will soon be one bay window instead.  Sorry, not the best image. It should give you and idea of what it will look like. I think it’ll give the house a more updated look.

Soon to be bay window.

These three windows will soon be one. Bay window coming soon.

This rock area (shown below) which is to the right of the new bay window,  will also be turned into a window.  The rocks look really outdated.  We thought about just covering them up but decided we needed a window there too.  It is going to look so different when finished.

Outdated rocks will be a window.

Outdated rocks will be a window.

The area looks so bare now since the guys had to rip out all of the landscaping while they work.  Of course we plan to replace and update the landscaping once these projects are done.

Making a Checklist

I started making a list of everything we need to pick out for our house and got a little overwhelmed, see below.  A few of these things are already done, but a good majority are not.  AND, I am quite sure I am missing LOTS of things.

  • cabinets/kitchen – done/ordered
  • cabinets/bathrooms
  • cabinets/laundry room
  • backsplash for kitchen
  • appliances – done/ordered
  • vanities for bathrooms
  • tub/shower for master, kids and guest bath
  • counter tops (kitchen, bathrooms)
  • wood floors
  • carpet for bedrooms
  • plumbing fixtures
  • pavers for pool
  • POOL! (appointment next week)
  • windows
  • doors (front/sliders)
  • paint color for exterior
  • paint colors for interior

Whew!  That is a lot of stuff and not a lot of things are checked as ‘done’, and, like I said above, I know I am missing lots of things.  I did a quick google search and found a bunch of home remodeling checklists that are much more detailed than mine but, again, got a little overwhelmed so am going with my short(ish) list above, for now.

Has anyone else gone through this big of a remodel or built a house?  Any advice to share with me?  Any ‘checklists’ you can share? Please leave me a comment.

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