Windows in the second story addition.

Wednesday Weekly Remodel Update 12/9/15 – Windows

OMG we have windows….

As I mentioned in last week’s post several of the windows had been installed in our house remodel.  Well, this week all of the windows and two doors have been installed in our second story addition!  They look so great!  The crew is there this week working on framing the first floor windows. Can’t wait to see those installed.  It’ll be truly amazing to see actual windows installed instead of just large plywood boards placed over the window openings. Then it’ll really start looking like a real life, honest-to-goodness HOUSE.  The House house.  🙂

Can not wait to see actual windows installed downstairs. Coming soon!

Roof Updates…

Weather proofing was installed on the roof over the weekend.  I was surprised to see a whole crew working at the house on Saturday. I drove by to take some pictures and came across a bunch of guys on our roof. HA! It was pretty exciting (it’s the little things in life) since they don’t usually work on the weekends.

Before/After Photos….

It is really interesting (and fun, for me anyway) to go back and look at the ‘before’ photos.  The house was small but it sure was neat and clean.  And look at that nice grass!  Can’t wait to have a lawn back instead of piles of wood, dirt, cement and whatever the hell else is out in the backyard.

House remodel Backyard before
Backyard view, before

Here is the house to date.  Pretty amazing, am I right?  It has come so far!  It looks so messy but I know it has to be this way until it is complete. Have you checked out my Before/After page?  There are lots of good pictures there.  I can not wait to add final AFTER pictures.  Soon!

House remodel updates
Backyard view, in progress.

That is all for now…

Sorry for the very short update again this week.  This time of year is just so busy.  So much going on!

If you haven’t already, check out the Reader DIY project I posted on Monday by my very crafty friend.  And check out my list of Christmas Gifts too.

See ya next week!  Thanks for reading!

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