Wednesday Weekly Update 11/18/15 – Plumbing Stuff

Hi All. If you’ve missed any of my weekly house remodel updates you can catch up on them here.

Picking out Plumbing Fixtures for our House Remodel…

Oh My! So many choices!!! Remodeling a house involves many, many decisions.

We visited our local Ferguson Showroom today to pick out plumbing fixtures for our house remodel. Holy cow. Kinda fun yet overwhelming too. And, needless to say I have Dom Perignon taste on a Bud Light budget. A few of the fixtures I liked were sooooo over the top expensive. Figures, right? Our salesperson told us to concentrate on the brands with middle-of-the-road pricing. Moen and American Standard.  I’m not talking about the stuff you get at Home Depot or Lowes. I am talking about the higher end pieces from those lines. It is better quality stuff and definitely more expensive than Home Depot.

Anyhoooo, I tend to like decor on the more transitional side. Nothing too modern, but not too traditional either. I like things to look classic and timeless not overly modern or too trendy.  That is just me though.  You may hate this look.  To each his own!  Here are a few inspiration photos that I found on Pinterest for our Master Bathroom, still trying to keep with the Beachy/Coastal theme too.

Inspiration picture for our house remodel

Love this tub so much!

Inspiration picture for our house remodel

Clean, classic look.

Inspiration picture for our house remodel

Another tub I love with the traditional faucet.

So, after looking at many pictures, we chose this faucet for our bathroom, in chrome with the matching shower fixture.  These are definitely more traditional but mixed with a more modern free standing tub, vanities with clean lines, and nice countertops (like the images above) will make them blend in and not seem so traditional.

Moen, Weymouth Chrome two-handle high arc bathroom faucet

Moen, Weymouth Chrome two-handle high arc bathroom faucet.


Here is how they look in a bathroom. Love this vanity too!

Here is how they look in a bathroom. Love this vanity too!

For the kids bathroom we choose this faucet (below), although I might change my mind.  Not sure yet.  Seems a little feminine now that I am looking at it.  Do you agree? I do love the vintagy look of it but don’t want their bathroom to be ‘girly’.  They are boys after all.  However, this same faucet will go in our guest bathroom and downstairs powder room.

Faucet for kids bathroom, by American Standard

Faucet for kids bathroom (maybe), powder room and guest bath, by American Standard.  I like the vintage, classic look.

I also got to pick out a kitchen sink and faucet, a slop sink for our laundry room and faucet, and toilets!  So many choices, so little time.  Our salesperson is putting together a quote with everything we picked out. Maybe next week I will post pictures of everything we chose since I can’t remember the names of them all at the moment.

Free Standing Tubs…

I love the look of the free standing tub.  We looked at some today and will definitely be getting one for the master.  Here is my hubs having a little fun in the tubs. Hey, I made a rhyme.  hehehe


Check out the cool shelf that you can get for these tubs that fits wine glasses. Love! Need! Want!

checking out a free standing tub

He fits!

I found a few really nice looking tubs online for much cheaper than the ones in the showroom.  I’ve got to ask the plumber about that.  I’d love to save some money on one of these.  They are pricey!!!

Tub I want for our house remodel

Here is the tub I love and found online for a great price.

Speaking of asking the plumber, we have a list of questions for him tomorrow.  We are having trouble fitting everything we want in the space we have for the master bath.  It is fairly large space, but once you try to fit 2 vanities, 1 water closet, 1 free standing tub and a decent size shower, the space goes fast. We want to make sure everything will fit without looking to crowded.

More about Plumbing…

Here are some pictures from inside the house.  Hookups for all the sinks, toilets, showers, etc are all installed and waiting for fixtures. I am not sure what else they need to do within the house but things are looking really great so far.

plumbing in our house remodel

Washer/Dryer Hook up.

plumbing in our house remodel


Time to wrap it up…

I am running out of time today, so I am going to wrap it up for now.  I hope you enjoyed my plumbing post.  Any questions or comments?

Until next time….

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