Weekly House house Update – All Moved In, Sorta

Hi All!  I took a break from posting last week as we were just a wee bit busy moving in.  We still are!  It takes forever to get settled.  It also doesn’t help that there is still so much going on here.  I wish I had an exciting “Room Reveal” post for this week, but I do not.  In fact we don’t have one room finished here yet.  (the above picture if our new screened in front entrance)

Here is all that happened since my last post.


If you’ve been following me from the beginning you may remember a post from last summer about picking out Appliances.   They were finally delivered and I LOVE THEM ALL.  Especially my wine fridge (which the bottles keep disappearing from ;-)) and dishwasher.  The stand alone ice maker is not hooked up yet but I know I will love that too.  It needs a special drain which is on order.  The under counter microwave is super cool too.  I still need to pick out a backsplash before we can install the hood over my stove.  Gotta get on that!!!  I finally had a second to go shopping this week and dragged my mom along to try to pick something out.  It is overwhelming but I got a few idea’s of things I like, now I just gotta make a decision.

My new washer and dryer are the bomb-dot-com too.  They are both HUGE.

Pool cage, ‘the view’ room, upstairs deck…

Our pool cage is complete and looks great.  It is huge.  We also enclosed the upstairs deck off the master and our front door entrance.  I really didn’t think we needed to enclose the front entrance but I am really glad we did.  My son calls it ‘the view’ room.  Its kinda fun to sit out there with our wine while the kids play in the front yard.  Our spiral staircase is built but not complete yet.  It took 2 carpenters 2 full days to put this thing together.  It had 3000 parts.  3000!  But, it looks pretty amazing.

The pool people are supposed to be finishing up in the next week or so.  I am sick of looking at the gross looking water.  We want to swim already.  It is HOT here.  Also, it’d be nice to be able to move all the lanai furniture OUT OF OUR LIVING ROOM, where it is currently residing.  It is such a mess.  In due time though, right?


The electricians finished up most of their work.  They still need to install the can lights and ceiling fans in the lanai, our master bathroom vanity lights, pendant lights over the island and a few other things too.


The painters finished up painting the lanai this week.

Still to do…..


We ordered custom closets but they have not been installed yet.  They are on order and will be installed any day now. I can’t wait.  It is driving me crazy that we can’t organize or put anything away.  Clothes are just piled up on the floor in our rooms and in totes and stuff.  Once they are in we will be able to get rid of so much clutter.  What a relief that will be.

Driveway Pavers…

The driveway pavers are in our front yard stacked neatly and have been for a while now.  The driveway is the last step and so we are close!  Once the pool is complete we’ll be ready to tear up the old, cracked and dirty driveway.

New Stuff…

We’ve got lots of furniture but will need to buy new stuff eventually.  We are going to live with what we have for the time being.  A lot of our stuff is chocolate brown which seems to dark for my taste these days, but we’ll have to live with it, for now.  See what I mean?  This is our dining room set.  The table is to small for the room and we need a rug too, but don’t you think it looks to dark?



We have been without cable for a few weeks now.  I miss tv, but not as much as I thought.  We’ve been so busy right up until we go to bed that there is not time to watch anything anyway.  It will be nice to have it back though.  They come next week to hook us up.


A new sprinkler system will be installed soon so we can start to landscape this place.  Also the giant dirt pile from the pool dig will be gone soon.  Can’t wait to see that go.  The kids will miss it though.  They have a lot of fun playing in that pile, and getting plenty dirty.


We are all so happy to be here.  We’ve all been sleeping better.  The kids love being here and love their new bedrooms and especially the playroom.  The neighborhood playground is almost right across the street so it is easy for them to get too, and they have lots of friends from school in the neighborhood.  It has been fun having friends stop over to check out the house and hang out.  We just love it all. We’ll be throwing our first House house party soon!

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