Fun Yankee Swap/White Elephant Gift Ideas

Hi!  Do you have a gift exchange party to go too?  We used to call them a ‘Yankee Swap’ where I grew up.  I have also heard them called ‘White Elephant’ too.  Whatever you call it, here are some fun (and some naughty, hope you’re not offended!) gift ideas.  You gotta know your audience.  LOL!  These are all from Amazon, and all Prime so you can get them lickity split.

Warning, some of these are naughty….please don’t be offended :-)…

We just had our neighborhood girls night naughty or nice gift exchange party last weekend and I brought these Drinking Buddies, and they are hilarious and were a big hit.  The ‘in the buff’ ones are hysterical!

Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers $9.29

Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers, In The Buff $6.30

Original Drinking Buddies, 6-Piece Set, Straw Marker $7.77

And this is the gift I bought for last year’s girls night naughty or nice gift exchange.  It got a LOT of laughs!

50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls! $12.04

And if you don’t want to go that far, this one is pretty funny too, 50 Shades of Chicken $12.00

And one more funny gift from the party this year was this wine stopper!!!  lol!

If your theme is not Naughty or Nice, try these ideas.

Stainless Steel Wine Glass $15.95

Here is a whole page of these tumblers, with or without sayings.  These things are awesome if you don’t already have one.

Going to an office party gift exchange? Candles are a boring and safe gift, but everyone loves a nice candle! Scented Natural Candle Gift Set $19.99

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Glass Moose Mug who couldn’t use one of these? lol! $16.95

Beer!!! Nuff’ said! $15.95


Ugly Sweaters for your Wine Bottles I mean, who couldn’t use these?  HA! $13.99


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