End-of-Year Teacher Gift Ideas

My boy’s school year ends NEXT WEEK.  They get out May 31st, which seems so dang early.  Anyway, do you struggle every year with what to get for end-of-year teacher gifts?  I usually just end up with a gift card for each, because I mean who doesn’t love a gift card?  But, I found a bunch of cute and very affordable end-of-year teacher gifts on etsy.com.  These teachers deserve something nice!  Don’t ya think? Check ’em out….

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End-of-Year Teacher Gifts $10 and Under….

The cutest little bracelet in the world! Choose from a large selection of colors and then choose if you want the pretty packaging too, for an additional couple of dollars.

Starting at $7.22

Personalized notepads are affordable, practical and adorable.  Also, these will come in good use for all the notes they send home to us about how well behaved our little angels are.  😉

Starting at $6.00 for 3 pads

Are you a Room Mom? How about this for a cute idea? Have every child fill one of these out and put them all in a binder to give to the teacher on the last day of school. From my experience teachers love personalized things like this. This is a downloadable item that you print at home.  Yes you can probably make something like this on your own, but why bother when you can pay $4.00 and have it instantly downloaded to your computer?

Downloadable forms, $6.00

Downloadable, Starting at $4.00

End-of-Year Teacher Gifts $20 and Under…

I don’t think the following needs much explanation.  Nuff’ said!  Am I right?

Personalized bracelets.  Love. Teach. Inspire.  You can even choose to personalize it with the teachers name for a few extra dollars.

Love. Teach. Inspire bracelet, $10.00 and up

Love. Teach. Inspire bracelet.

Personalized Beach Bags for summer, or in our case since we live in Florida, all year round!

Personalized Beach Bags, starting at $20

I hope you found this helpful.  If not click HERE for tons of more idea’s.

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