The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems You May Face

What is essential to make your house comfortable during the hot summer? It is a properly working air conditioning system. However, there are several issues with the air conditioning system that can badly affect the performance of air conditioners.

Air conditioner repair is always a hectic job but you can find some good air conditioner repair services in your locality and your worries can end. It is always advised to do scheduled maintenance and timely repairs so that your air conditioner works smoothly on hot summer days. A timely air
conditioner repair saves your air conditioner from bigger damages.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common air conditioning problems that you may face.

1- Leaking

The performance of air conditioners depends a lot on refrigerant or coolant. Since in the air conditioning systems, the coolant or refrigerant runs through multiple pipes, there is always a risk of leakage and the system will stop working properly.

You can ask an AC technician for air conditioner repair and make sure to repair the leakage as soon as possible as the cost of repair increases over time.

2- Circuit Breakers and Fuses

To protect the parts of the air conditioning system, especially compressors and motors, breakers and fuses are used. They save these parts from damage caused by overheating and electricity fluctuations. It is a common practice that your technician will first check those breakers and fuses if the motor or compressor stops working.

3- Settings of Thermostat

A perfect air conditioning system will still not make your home comfortable if the thermostat that controls the temperature settings is not working properly. Always make sure the thermostat is clean and protected from any external damage.

4- Capacitor Failure

Capacitors are a relatively small but very important part of the air conditioning system. The motors that power fans and compressor, will not work without capacitors. There are two types of capacitors, start and run. The start capacitor sends a jolt to activate motors while the run capacitor
keeps sending jolts to keep motors running. The performance of the air conditioning system will badly affect if any of the capacitors burn out.

5- Dirty of Blocked Filters

Filters keep the air free from dust and other particles, however, it is very important to keep checking if these are clean and not blocked. See the manufacturer’s guidelines that when do you need to change the filters.

Some filters can be cleaned and re-use, however, some can be used once only. If you are not checking the filters regularly, they may get blocked due to dust. Blocked filters will not only reduce the airflow but also cause the AC unit to freeze which may require air conditioner repair.

6- Compressor Failure

The compressor can be taken as the most important part of air conditioners. The compressor applies energy that circulates the refrigerant in the system through coils. The cooling process will not work if the compressor goes down.

Two things can damage the compressor. Firstly, a low level of refrigerant will cause overheating and seizes the compressor. On the other hand, too much refrigerant will fall back and can cause compressor failure.

7- Blocked Condenser Coils

The condenser is located outside the house. This is the point where the refrigerant is cooled down with air and sent back to the compressor. Condenser coils can be blocked easily due to dirt and should be cleaned regularly with water.

In case water cannot clean them and cooling is affected, go for an air conditioner repair service to get chemical cleaning.

8- Outdated Contactor

Contactors complete the electrical connection between all parts of the air conditioning system. If these contractors have been worn out due to arcing and pitting, the electricity flow will be broken down and parts will stop working.

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