Office Plants: Why You Should Have Them

Having more plants in your office has been shown in several scientific studies to offer numerous benefits. For both personnel and employers, these are the most important advantages to consider.
Biophilia is a term that scientists use to describe our intrinsic urge to be in harmony with nature. Unfortunately, the areas where we spend most of our waking hours tend to be disconnected from nature, which is inside offices or rooms.

According to research, adding greens to one’s environment in the shape of houseplants might have a significant impact on employees and their businesses. The same holds true for those who work from home or remotely. Some advantages why it’s best to invest in the flora for your desk or office are listed below.

Green tropical plants in interior of room

Helps Reduce Stress

There were considerable decreases in stress among employees when researchers added plants to their workplace, according to a recent University of Technology, Sydney study published in 2010. As the results showed, stress and anxiety levels dropped 37%, depression and melancholy dropped 58%, rage and hostility dropped 44%, and exhaustion dropped 38%.

This research reveals that even with a limited sample size, one plant per workplace can significantly lift employees’ spirits and thereby enhance health and productivity. Because of the soothing and relaxing effects of the color green, some color psychologists believe that using it to decorate offices can have the same impact as bringing plants into the office.

Plants Help Save Energy Use

Experiments have shown that adding a sufficient number of plants to a building can reduce its temperature by as much as 50°F (10°C) since they increase humidity levels inside the office space. For the same amount of cooling power as 20 AC systems operating for 20 hours a day, one flourishing tree can cool the building down the same way.

To maximize this impact, consider using more prominent varieties of indoor trees and decrease AC system use. Although it might not be a long-term answer to reducing your office’s power use, it can get things started in the right direction.

Reduce Background Noise

Adding plants in the workspace can help reduce the inevitable ambient noise that distracts workers in open-concept environments, which are becoming increasingly commonplace in the workplace. Hard surfaces, including bare concrete floors and walls, are a problem because there is no other way to muffle the noise.

The ideal place to put huge potted plants is in the corners and on the borders of a room. The Weeping Fig, Snake Plant, and the ‘Anita’ Dragon Tree are among the taller plants.

Inspires New Ideas

Creative blocks are as real as they can get. If you’re running out of ideas or have been working on the same one for a while, workplace plants can help enlighten some ideas. Your green friend has a favorable influence on your imagination through its vibrant colors and exciting scents. Smelling the daisies can help you get out of your creative slump, and it’s long been known that engaging the senses can help people do just that.

According to a Human Spaces survey from 2015, personnel who had access to natural aspects in their workplaces were 15% more creative than their counterparts who didn’t.

There is evidence supporting the attention restoration concept, which states that simply staring at natural scenery can help switch the brain into a new processing state, allowing workers to become more relaxed and focused. Having a vast wall of preserved moss might be a perfect concept.

Improves Workplace Productivity

Adding only a few indoor plants to previously “dry” workplaces boost productivity by 15%, according to a study conducted by the University of Exeter in 2014. According to Dr. Chris Knight’s findings, even a minor increase in the number of plants per square meter helped staff retain more information and perform better on simple tests.

Stylish interior of room with green houseplants and workplace

According to Dr. Knight, everyone needed to have a view of a plant from their workstations, which was crucial. You are often happier and more productive if you operate in a setting where you have something to do that keeps you mentally stimulated.

As a bonus, new HR software can help save up time and improve office productivity, which people would otherwise spend on labor-intensive administrative duties, by making data management easier for employees, supervisors, and HR personnel themselves.

Final Thoughts

Stress reduction, increased productivity, improved morale, and a more positive work environment are only a handful of good benefits that office plants can provide. You don’t have to buy everything at once; start with a few effortless plants and build on that. Learn how much better your day will be when you have a few indoor plants in your office.

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