Home Remodeling for Aging Parents: What to Consider

No one wants to receive the frantic phone calls and texts from their aging parents who have just fallen while trying to complete a routine daily task. But for many, this situation is a reality and a legitimate fear. 

Though many seniors can live independently throughout their golden years, others will develop cognitive and motor issues that may impact their ability to do so. Once children notice these issues, it’s time to ask the hard question: what is the best living situation for my parents? 

Since most seniors prefer to stay home or move in with their child, home modifications may be in order. To help determine which modifications may be in order, Hippo put together a list of home modifications that can help seniors live comfortably in a home with less risk. 

Home modifications range from basic fixes like buying more phones and brighter light bulbs to installing new stoves. First gauge your parent’s level of need to determine what they will require for comfortable living. A few ideas for senior home modifications are the following: 

  1. Add more phones throughout the house to make calling for help or assistance easier.
  2. Install brighter light bulbs to increase visibility.
  3. Install door knobs with a lever to help those with arthritis open doors. 
  4. Install smart devices so you can have increased visibility on your parents.
  5. Temperature controls in the shower can help prevent scalding. 
  6. Pull up carpets in the home to make mobility easier.
  7. Reduce clutter to prevent accidents. 
  8. Install remote controlled lighting to help make light more accessible. 
  9. Remove rugs to prevent falls and make cleaning easier.
  10. Install electric stoves to reduce the risk of gas leaks or burns. 

Whether your parent moves into your home or lives independently at home, home modifications can help reduce the risk of a traumatic fall or injury. First determine what modifications meet your parent’s needs, lifestyle and desires, then start working on a plan to make their home a safer space.

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