The Urban Life: 4 Roof Styles to Choose From for Your New Home

When building a new home or remodeling an existing one, it’s always important to choose a roof style that best fits the home. That may sound simple, but it may not be. Code issues, neighborhood norms, and other issues often impact the choices made. That’s why it’s always a good idea to discuss the plans with building experts, including roofing contractors, prior to making any final selections.

Classic or Contemporary?

Many classic styles fit into just about any neighborhood. However, newer roof styles may also fit into even a city’s oldest neighborhoods. The results depend on the thought that goes into the design, the materials selected, and the overall look of the neighborhood. For example, an inverted curve roof may be the ideal option for a classic home when the owner is looking for a unique look. Most roofing company experts routinely work with owners and other members of the design team to ensure the best option is selected.

On the other hand, many homes look great with traditional gable-style roofs. Gambrel roofs offer property owners another option that optimizes the space available on the upper level. Many older areas also have homes with saltbox roofs that provide a great look and timeless style. Again, the style chosen can be unique but should still fit into the neighborhood.

Choosing Roofing Materials

In the past, there were a few standard materials homeowners could choose from. In most instances, some form of asphalt shingle was chosen, as those shingles looked good without costing too much. High-end homes might also include wood shingles, tile, or slate, but those options were not the norm.

Today, with new homes sporting everything from flat roofs to A-frame styles, there are more options available. Homeowners can still choose from a variety of shingle types, but there are new, innovative options to consider as well. For example, metal roofs are now common, but not the style of metal that was common twenty years ago. Now, metal roofing is available in styles to simulate the look of tile, slate, or wood shingles.

Making the Decision

In many instances, homeowners will have multiple options to choose from. Having multiple choices available can make the selection process harder, but local experts are always available to provide advice. Architects can also provide advice. That means no one has to make hard choices alone.

Once the material is selected, property owners will also have to pick the best color and style for their new home. Even traditional asphalt or composite shingles are now available in a range of colors and styles. The advantage is that property owners don’t have to settle for an option that’s exactly like the neighbor’s home. They can select an option that looks great on their new home and still blends in well with adjoining properties.

Contact the Experts for Advice

Even if you’re in the early planning stages, it pays to contact a local roofing professional for advice now. Doing so will make it easier to pick other exterior materials, choose a style that’s in your budget, and ask questions about installation and maintenance. It’s far better to ask for help now rather than waiting until the last minute and running into unanticipated issues with supply problems or local restrictions.

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