Throwing a Really Great Get Together

Throwing a really great get together, in theory, should be pretty straightforward. But there is a lot that goes into getting that relaxed vibe that everyone loves too much. The photos make it look effortless, people are smiling, and for the next few days you get to indulge in the ‘let’s do that again,’ and the ‘thank you so much for the invite’ text messages. So how do you throw a get together so good that no one picks up their mobile phone?

Let’s Get This Done!

Invite the people you love the most. It is hard to have a bad time when you are surrounded by people you are naturally drawn too. Most of us have a few groups of friends, this is a great time to mix and match. You know them all, so there is a lot of pressure, but introducing people who have you in common already gives them plenty to talk about. Ask a couple of friends who don’t know each other to arrive a little bit earlier and help you hand out snacks and drinks.

Space Things Out

Avoid the human kitchen trap. You are likely at almost every party to have been in the situation that you went in to get a drink but never managed to get out. So space around trays with snacks and a range of drinks on. That way people won’t get stuck anywhere that they don’t want to be. Placing a platter by the seating area will encourage people to sit down and relax, they’ll nibble and drink and naturally start conversations. Remember to cater for non- drinkers on each tray too.

Open Big

If you have a range of guests, who are going to enjoy a good drink. Give them the good stuff from the beginning. You aren’t aiming to get anyone drunk. Instead, you’re aiming to loosen them up and start the conversation early. Introduce people to something new head to for inspiration.

Play That Funky Music

When it comes to music, it can be very easy for it to go downhill really fast. At the start of the evening have something removed because people will be introducing each other, and having some light chat. Further into the evening play some classics. Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, and Queen work great here. Everyone knows the lyrics, and there will undoubtedly be someone who starts the air guitar. When these tracks come on, gently turn the music up a few notches. Then after a little while, turn it down again slightly, and switch up the music again.

This is tricky to get right because not everyone likes everything.


After you have done the prep work, and people start arriving it is time for you to relax and enjoy yourself too. Everyone has arrived to hang out with you, and have a few drinks. So, before the first people come, take a few moments to have a glass of water (or wine, whatever you like), pop on your most dazzling outfit and get your party face on.

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