4 Tips On Maintaining Your Wooden Fences

The exterior spaces of our homes can often get neglected when it comes to design work or a revamp. Yet, these areas of our homes really do need some TLC now and then! The outside of your home creates the first impression, so whether it’s to impress the neighbors or the in-laws, you’ll want to make it a good one! Wooden fences can be an excellent feature to any backyard; however, they do need maintenance work every so often.

  1. DIY 

A little bit of DIY is required at intervals when it comes to your fence. Take a good look over everything and replace any of your fence panels that have become loose or broken. Likely, you’ll be able to replace one or two fence panels yourself without calling in the experts. Be careful when checking your fence that there aren’t any nails that have come loose. If there are, ensure to fix them back in place.

  1. A good clean

It’s essential to clean your fence regularly to keep it in good condition. Tough stains of mold, dirt, and mildew can build up over time. The longer you leave dirt on your fences, the tougher it is to get off. In time, this can lead to damage of the wood, so it’s a good idea to clean it at least once a month. You can use a fence cleaning product, or you can use some white vinegar and water if you prefer. A strong bristle brush is useful for scraping off hard dirt. You may also want to try a hose or a pressure washer if you have one.

  1. Paint your fence

Every so often, it’s time to give our garden spaces a good revamp; from the ornaments to the flower arrangements. When you’re doing so, painting your fence can be an excellent idea to maintain it. With paint, you’ll protect the wood from the elements and make it look brand new. During the dreary winter weather, a nice bright color can really give your garden the spruce that it needs. If you prefer a more natural look, try staining your fence instead. Staining your fence allows you to protect it from wet rot. The condition is caused when the wood is overly exposed to moisture.

  1. Keep pests away 

If you can, it’s best to try and keep pests away from your fence. Such creatures can wreak havoc on your wood and damage it. To keep the pests at bay, ensure that you trim the plants that are close by. As well as this, keep your fence as dry as you can. While you may not be able to stop the rain from falling, you can clean your fence using only a small amount of water.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Fencing are plentiful. Generally speaking, the good points can often outweigh the bad if you don’t mind a little maintenance Exterior maintenance can be a great excuse to jazz up your garden with a new plant or two. Don’t forget to protect your plants with a blanket during the winter nights. Doing so can help to keep them safe from frost. The New Year can be a great time for some home renovations.


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