Surprising Foods that Whiten Teeth

What if I told you your diet could affect the color of your teeth? Yes, there are certain foods and drinks that stain teeth (hello coffee and red wine!), but there are also certain foods that naturally whiten teeth

Because of their natural properties, these foods can scrub away plaque and fight bacteria. Check out the list below and start incorporating these smile-brightening foods into your diet! 

  1. Apples have abrasive properties that help scrub your teeth.
  2. Broccoli contains nutrients that reduce inflammation and protect the teeth from acidic foods. 
  3.  Cheese is packed with minerals that rebuild enamel and keep teeth strong. 
  4. Carrots are packed with nutrients that keep gums healthy and form strong enamel. 
  5. Onions contain properties that kill off bacteria’s that cause tooth decay. 
  6. Kiwis are full of nutrients that support overall oral health. 
  7. Pineapple has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. 
  8. Strawberries have natural whitening properties that can treat yellow-stained teeth. 
  9. Basil can reduce bacteria in the mouth and prevent yellow stains on teeth. 
  10. Celery is great at scrubbing teeth and strengthening tooth enamel. 

If you need help incorporating these yummy foods into your diet, download Auraglow’s printable grocery list below or check out their infographic for white smile meal ideas you can make at home! 

Smile-brightening foods that naturally whiten teeth

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