Creating A Warm And Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Figuring out your own decor is one challenge, but putting together a cozy guest bedroom is an entirely different story.  Every host want to give a great impression and ensure that their house guests feel welcome and comfortable, so every decision regarding this room feels extra important. After all, there is no point in having a place for guests to stay if it isn’t actually inviting. Whether you have a dedicated space or a home office that works two jobs, there are lots of ways to create an oasis for your friends and family. Here are seven things that you need to do.

How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Guest Bedroom


  1. Clear Away Your Clutter

As tempting as it may be to store your out-of-season clothes and random clutter in your guest bedroom, you should avoid it at all costs. After all, if all of your things are filling up the closets, your guests will have little space to put anything of their own, making them feel unwelcome and out of place. The only things that should be kept in that space are items that your guests might actually need and use, like a clock, calendar, spare bedding, and extra towels.

  1. Invest In Quality Bedding

The best thing that you can do for your guests is ensure that they get a good night’s sleep.  With that in  mind, it’s vital that the bedding you provide is warm and comfortable. Don’t give them your lumpiest, oldest mattress you have, as they’ll wake up the next morning exhausted and achy.  If you can’t afford a new one, you should try a mattress topper or invest in a quality air mattress. You should also have plenty of pillows and extra blankets to allow guests to control their comfort.

  1. Stick To Serene Colors

When choosing your color scheme, it’s important that you stick to shades that induce feelings of relaxation and tranquility. You may love the idea of bright red and yellow walls, but your guests won’t thank you for them when they’re struggling to get to sleep each night. Instead, opt for whites, creams, blues, lilacs and other neutral colors that don’t heighten the senses. This will make the space feel a lot calmer, allowing your guests to drift off easily and peacefully.

  1. Look After The Windows

Your windows control a lot in your home, from noise levels to temperature, so it’s crucial that yours are taken care of well. With that in mind, you may consider investing in replacement windows to boost energy efficiency and ensure that your guest bedroom is as comfortable as it can be. You should also take great care when choosing your window treatments. You’ll want them to look great, of course, but they must also provide private and offer easy light control.

  1. Give Great Light Control

One of the biggest mistakes hotels make when designing a room is the lack of light control. They tend to only offer a single overhead source, with a switch near the door, which inconveniences guests and provides an unpleasant experience. To combat this and ensure that your house guests are happy, you should offer a few different lights, including a lamp for reading and a small nightlight. This way, your guests won’t have to stumble about in the dark each morning.

  1. Provide Plenty Of Entertainment

Even if your guests have come to see you, they aren’t going to spend every waking moment of their visit in your company. Sometimes they’ll want to relax alone in their room or head out and explore the local area. To make this easier for them, you should leave some tourist information in their room, as well as entertainment, like a television, games console, magazines, and books. Don’t forget to leave a remote near the bed so that they don’t need to get up to use anything.

  1. Stock The Basic Essentials

In the rush of packing, any number of things can be forgotten, from chargers and extension cords to towels and toothbrushes. Instead of waiting for your guests to ask to borrow these things, you should leave them in their room for when they arrive. If they don’t need them, then so be it, but if they do, they’ll be incredibly appreciative. You may also want to leave a tray of snacks and drinks, as well as toiletries, an alarm clock, a hairdryer, and anything else they might need.  

Every host wants their house guests to feel happy and comfortable, so follow the advice above to create a warm and welcoming guest bedroom.


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    Thank you for linking to my blog post on books for the guest room! These are great suggestions. I’m so glad I have a house with a guest room now(: It’s fun to fix up!

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