The Best Arts & Crafts

The Best Arts & Crafts

If you love to work with your hands, and chances are you do, then finding new wondrous things to try your hand at is always a great thrill. And in a way, the internet, with all its magical corners, is a blessing and a curse at the same time. You have an almost unlimited supply of exploration, forums and resources at your disposal to get lost into, you also have an equally long bucket list of things you still want to try. So much to do and so little time! And just to make matters worse, here are some of the most interesting crafty things to do.

Die Cutting

Die-cutting is one of those things that will excite most crafters. One the one hand you have this freedom of materials and shapes, on the other hand, you have this somewhat artisan process of moving material and fabric through a machine. For those unfamiliar with die-cutting, it refers to the process of using a machine to mass-produce cut-out shapes. Yes, you could use scissors to achieve something similar, but with die-cutting, you produce the same thing over and over again. Die-cutting can also be part of a more significant process, providing shapes and stencils for other crafts. Check out Sizzix at craftdirect to get some inspiration.


Another fascinating thing to do is Pepakura, mainly done with no more than a printer, heavy paper and glue. Pepakura is a Japanese craft technique that relies on the computer-aided unfolding of 3D computer models onto the paper print. With cutting, folding and glueing you can then bring these 3D models into physical objects you can hold. You can stop there, but you can then use these models as the basis for a strengthened framework (usual resin) which you can then further manipulate. Pepakura is extremely popular with cosplayers due to its ability to make anything ranging from props to full outfits or suits of armour.


Speaking of armour-type things, what about leatherworking? Most people will agree that this is a very cool skill to have. With leatherworking, you will feel like a proper artisan craftsperson. Of course, this is not necessarily about making leather armour, you could also concentrate on making bags or wallets. It’s a great way to learn a skill that enables you to make products that will come in practical use. Leather is sturdy and beautiful and will stand the test of time. You might even make a business out of it. Or you could just make a roman leather armour.

Soap Making

Leather has got this beautiful smell, but do you know what also will please the nose? Soap making! This craft is a great way to feel like an alchemist, trying new combinations and making something you can enjoy yourself or give away to your friends and family. Soap making revolves around the chemical reaction between on the one side fats and oils and on the other side lye. With soap making you not only have a craft that smells good, producing your own bar of soap will fill you with a great sense of accomplishment. You clean up nicely too!

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