Reader DIY Trash to Treasure

Check out this great trash to treasure transformation that my high school friend Heather was able to pull off.  Her boyfriend literally took this piece out of someone’s trash for her because he thought she could do something with it.  (What a nice boyfriend!). You know how the saying goes….”someone else’s trash is another’s treasure”.  Nice work Heather!!!

Here is how it looked when they got it.

It is a nice piece but was pretty beat up and slightly damaged (from moisture).  But, all that was needed was a little elbow grease, some sanding, and a good paint job to bring it back to life.  She primed it first since it was bare wood and then put on 2 coats of paint. The paint color is called ‘Bay Of Naples’ (how appropriate).  She finished it with 3 layers of clear polyurethane and was able to have a new top made for $55.

Good job Heather!  This makes me want to find some trash on the side of the road and fix it up.  HAHA!

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