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Another Great DIY Project…
Once again my friend Bannon has sent me an awesome DIY Project.  How cute is this?  I LOVE that she used some scrap wood from the eye sore of a dumpster that has been occupying the House house driveway for the last few months!  Some of our neighbors are ADDING junk to that dumpster (when we are not there of course), but not Bannon!  We have found couches, tables and other junk that we only assume the neighbors are putting in there.  🙁  So, thank you for taking some scraps instead of adding some!  I should have saved some of that wood too for future projects. Damn!  Anyway, here is Bannon’s tutorial on this adorable, rustic, clever DIY Christmas Project. You can see her other great DIY projects here, herehere and here.
Reader DIY Christmas Project
“I picked up several perfect pieces of plywood from the House house dumpster (with permission) a few weeks ago. My grandmother had old signs to advertise her antique store and I have always loved them. I found this sign on Etsy for almost $60. I knew I could do it for WAY less…. challenge accepted!
I didn’t sand the board down first because I was going for a more rustic look. I painted the board in a flat white paint and then had to work on the letter. I tried on a previous project to do a stencil and filling in with paint, but that was nowhere close to the look I was going for. I decided to use a trick I use when I am updating my chalkboards. I printed out “Be” in a cursive font and “MERRY” in a straight line from WORD. I found the holly berries (a last minute addition) from clip art. I used a graphite pencil and colored it all over the back of each page. I lined everything up and taped it down with painters tape. I traced over each letter with a pen, which left a perfect pattern on the board.
Reader DIY Christmas ProjectReader DIY Christmas Project
Thanks to a pinterest post, I learned about Sharpie Paint Pens. My sweet husband braved Black Friday at Michaels and we picked up a couple. They are great! We picked the oil based pens, which are best for wood and windows. It is a mini can of paint in a perfect sized sharpie. I outlined each letter and then filled them in. It took less than 20 minutes to paint the entire thing.
Reader DIY Christmas Project

I let it dry a day before I used a hand sander to rough it up and smooth down the sides. It is PERFECT!! I love it so much, we are going to do a sign for our kitchen similar to a Chip and JoJo, Fixer Upper sign.”

Here is the finished product again…
What do you guys think?  Pretty cute, huh?  And it doesn’t look to difficult. Thank you Bannon.  Keep those crafty DIY Projects coming.
Reader DIY Christmas Project
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