House Remodel Move In Update and a little DIY Project – July 2016

Summer is flying by.  I can’t believe it is already mid July!  We hosted our first House house party on July 4th.  It was just a smallish, last minute get together but it was a great time.  We lit some fireworks off in our backyard (it is legal here in FL) but it was hard to compete with natures fireworks.  The lighting storm was CRAZY.

Nothing makes you get more organized or more ready to hang pictures, decorate, and clean than hosting a party.  🙂  My husband and I were scrambling to hang artwork and get rid of every last unpacked box in the house.  It wasn’t completely ready (and still isn’t) but it was good enough and our guests didn’t seem to mind.

Stair Railing…

We’d been waiting for our stair railing to get installed since before we moved in, but once the carpenter came to do it he realized he couldn’t.  The pieces were not correct! So, we ordered the right ones.  Well, he went to pick those up and they STILL weren’t right.  We’ve been living without a railing since move in day (probably not the safest thing, but whatcha gonna do, right?).  Well, it finally got installed this week, and guess what….he still wasn’t able to finish!  WHAT?  We were short just a few pieces (of the wood thread that holds the rails in place) which should be in stock in the next few days. It is sturdy enough the way it is now but probably wouldn’t pass inspection.  At least it is up, finally!  Lastly the wood railing will need to be stained.

Stair railing
Stair railing

Cork Boards DIY Project…

Remember these boards that I talked about a while back?  That thing leaning behind the desk in this picture?

Desk, After
Desk, After

Well, the hubs and I fixed them up a bit. I painted them (Pure Pewter) and he glued a nice frame around them and then we hung them in the kids rooms.  Looks MUCH better, right?


Our sod is supposed to be going in the next 2 weeks.  I can hardly wait.  Especially in the front yard.  It just looks so terrible out their and I know that putting down some grass will make all the difference in the world!  Apparently there is some prep work that needs to happen first.  They came and dug up all the nasty roots and leveled the front yard.  They also sprayed all the weeds too.  So, it is almost sod ready.  I’ll keep ya posted, of course.

After...still a work in progress
Front of house without landscaping

Things have definitely slowed down at the House house.  We’re still searching for some furniture for the living room.  I may have found someone to make us something custom for not to much money.   AND, I have been given the go ahead from my husband to refinish our dining room table!  Not sure I’ll be able to get to it anytime soon though since the kids are home from school and we’ve been trying to plan activities to keep them busy.  Maybe I’ll have them help me.  We’ll see!

Here was me Friday night chillin’ in the pool watching the Red Sox on our 2 outdoor tv’s. And a picture of the kids with our new pool pet, Ben (the kids named him.  I would have went with something like Polly. LOL).  The pool water is so warm, just the way I like it!  🙂


Thanks for reading.  Does anyone have any fun DIY projects they want to share with me?

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