What Your Home Decor Could be Missing

What Your Home Decor Could Be Missing

Do you look around your home, and know that something is missing from your decor – but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? If so, you’re not alone. You’re not a professional, so why would you know exactly what your home decor needs to look more beautiful and harmonious?

Whatever style you’re going for in your home, the pointers below can help you to improve the look of the place in no time. Read on for some valuable advice:

A Feature Wall

Having a feature wall isn’t something you should have in every single room of your home, but it’s definitely something you should incorporate in one or two rooms. A feature wall will bring a plain wall to life, draw the eye when you enter a room, and give your home more personality.  You can create a feature wall many ways. You could add a simple splash of paint, a few pictures, some plants, and any other accessories you feel will bring the wall to life.

Take a look at dedicated feature wall guides and images so you can get a little inspiration and an idea of what you want yours to look like.

Flowers And Plants

Flowers and plants literally breathe new life into your home decor, so if this is something you’re lacking, get to work on it! Real flowers and plants bring in some gorgeous greenery and color, and better still, they have health benefits. They make the air cleaner to breathe, and they actually put us in a better mood. This is why you should have multiple plants all around the home.

Bear in mind that it’s usually better to use a couple of large plants in a room if you can, than many small plants. Don’t be afraid of taking up space with your plants if you know it’s going to look amazing and add natural texture. Something that looks particularly great is having two large plants either side of your favorite chair.


Having plenty of texture in your home is another thing that brings it to life. Too much of the same texture and your home will look boring, perhaps even cold. Texture makes your home warmer and cosier. You can add texture with plenty of cushions, throws, rugs, and by using accessories in beautiful finishes. You should make your guests want to touch various things in your home when they come in!

The Right Lighting

Having the right lighting in any home is key to your decor. Natural lighting, for example, is a must in your living area. It should flood in so you can make the most of it as it often makes people happier and more alert. However, you also want to think about task lighting and atmospheric lighting where appropriate. Dimmer switches, for instance, can give any room a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t forget about investing in gorgeous lamps, either!

What Your Home Decor Could Be Missing

A Fireplace

A fireplace should be found in every home; even fake fireplaces bring a lot of personality to a room. Whether it’s winter or summer, one of these can make a fantastic focal point and bring a little luxury to your decor. By looking at kemlan fireplaces and comparing with others, you’ll get a good idea of what sort of fireplace is best for you. There’s gas, electric, outdoor, open wood, and more.


Your home should have personality – don’t you want people to know that it’s you that lives there? Include things that mean something to you, such as sentimental items from family members and things you picked up on trips. You shouldn’t have too many small items dotted around, as this can create visual clutter. However, you should carefully choose the things that make you happy and incorporate them into your decor somehow. Who wants a boring, neutral home that looks like a show home?


Each and every home should incorporate artwork to some degree. If you find numerous pieces that you like, you can create a gallery wall with them. An eclectic gallery wall is great for adding a little personality, color, and some unusual shapes. However, choosing a nice, large piece often works just as well. Take your time to select the pieces that speak to you, and make sure you test out various layouts before you go making holes in your wall.

Amazing Window Dressings

Dressing your windows appropriately will make all the difference to a room, as well as the insulation of a room. Floor length drapes can add a little luxury while keeping the heat in. Blinds can create the illusion of more space while allowing you to control your privacy.


Books bring a real homey feel to any place, so have a few beautiful coffee table books, or fill a bookcase with your favorites. How about creating a reading nook to go with it? It’s one of the most enjoyable, cosy spaces you can create in your home!

Something Old

Bring old and new together by shopping in thrift stores, vintage stores, and markets. You never know what unusual pieces you might find, and you can pretty much guarantee that nobody else will have them.

A Nice Rug

A nice rug not only brings texture to a room; it can tie the whole room together by using color. You can even layer up multiple rugs for a textured effect that many interior designers are loving these days.

Proportion and scale

When creating a living space, proportion and scale is one of the key things you need to think about. Individual pieces will complete a room, but your living room for example should be multi dimensional. This means making the most of proportion and scale. It’ll make things far more interesting, so experiment with various design elements. Play with color, shape, texture, and size and use them to create a more harmonious living space.

Is your decor missing any of the above things? Test out some of the ideas here and see what they can do to your home. Have fun with it!


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