Home is where the comfort is and to make it match your vibe, you have to decor it accordingly. There are a lot of trends that come and go every year in terms of home decor. You can easily find the elements that correlate to the vibe you desire and create a home that feels like home and constantly perks up your energy after a long and tiring day.

Home Trends to Follow in 2021

Here is a list of some chic home trends that will be seen taking the spotlight this year. If you are planning to redo your home, then you must look into this list.

1. Neon Lights:

We saw text and symbol neon lights, making their way into home decor in 2020 and they have definitely made their spot. They are not going anywhere soon. It is super easy to get a customized neon light for your room these days. From word art to symbolic art; these lights add a very special aesthetic to your home.

2. Dividers and doors:

Many huge inspirational websites did hint on the fact that dividers will be a trend in 2021 and so they are. As the pandemic has shifted a lot of work force to their homes, the need of stylish dividers is a necessity. Why not make it look chic, right? They not only provide you with a great separation but also bring in wonderful privacy at a lesser price.

3. Earthy Nude Tones:

Modern homes are all about earthy tones, like beige, burnt umber and brown. This trend has seen a rise in 2020 and it is certainly continuing in 2021 as well. If you are planning to paint your home, then you know which tones to pick.

4. Wall art:

A beige wall is best decorated with wall art and you can easily get some of the best ones online. They are easily accessible and the variety is overwhelming. You might lose your mind while making a choice. You can check out Wesco Hub Pty Ltd for some amazing pieces too. Just don’t forget to add this element to your walls this year.

5. Rattan Lamps:

Rattan lamps are extremely millennial and chic. They add the perfect modish look to your room. These lamps are not going out of style, anytime soon. Thus, we recommend you to buy them!

6. Murals:

If you have an artsy soul then a mural might be the perfect spark to enhance your bedroom or simply any space that you want to redo. Also, if you don’t like complete wallpapers, a mural might be your cup of tea. They add a lot of personality to a space.

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