Three Interior Design Tips to Help You Decorate An Appealing Vacation Rental

Whether you’re an interior design fanatic or a novice when it comes to home decorating, preparing a spare room or second property to rent out to guests can be a rewarding and challenging project. These tips will help you make your space appealing to guests, generating new and return business, and ultimately maximizing your return on your investment.

Vacation Accents

When you’re doing up a room or cottage for vacation accommodation, you might be tempted to decorate the space like you would your own home. But remember, your guests are in vacation mode and your ideal décor will reflect this. This is your opportunity to give your guests a break from the monotony of everyday life. Little touches will do the trick. Try installing ceiling fans for tropical style home décor, or introducing bold colors and fun prints that are ‘not your everyday’ kind of style. Your vacation cottage is also the place to try out new trends, like metallics or coastal decor. While you might resist something like a feature wall or striking piece of furniture in your own home because you think you’d get tired of it quickly, a vacation home is the perfect place for making bold décor moves, as your guests will appreciate the novelty for their brief stay.

Personalize (Just a Little)

When it comes to decorating a property for vacation rental, there is a fine balance to be struck in the décor department. One the one hand, you want to personalize the space, so it’s not bland and anonymous like a hotel. On the other hand, you don’t want to alienate your guests by inserting too much of your own presence. If you’re an artist, placing some of your own art on the walls is a lovely touch, as it shows your personality without imposing. Avoid using family photos as décor. While it might bring the space to life in your eyes, your guests will feel excluded, and won’t be able to take ownership of the space for the period of their visit.

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