Minimal Decor For Your Living Room

We live in an age of ‘stuff.’ But more people are pulling away from owning too much and stripping it back to keep their spaces as neat and open as possible. While you don’t have to strip it back to a table, chair, and vase only if you don’t want to – you still have options.

Here is a quick starter guide:


White is your best friend when it comes to making your spaces look more prominent. White walls and ceiling, and a light floor will give the illusion something is much bigger than it actually is.


The pieces that you have in your space will more likely be well thought out pieces. If you are choosing to swap your furniture items for something that fits more with the aesthetic that you want, then you should consider for things like couches. When it comes to displaying things. Think about what is important to you. It might be your precious gem eggs, or it could be your Funko-Pop figures.

Find a space for them, but curate what is there. Choose your rarest or your most loved ones. This means that the space is being used for something that you love – rather than being taken up by random other home things.

Equally, once you have lightened up the space, perhaps you are thinking about the art that you will place on your walls. Of course, you can choose anything that you like. Large wall art might seem counter-intuitive, but actually, it is giving a single focus without taking up too much floor space.


Maximizing your storage will mean that if you are prone to picking up knickknacks or have kids and like to keep things looking clean – you can have the right storage to help you take care of it. Wooden trunks and chests make the perfect storage. Lids that can close mean the clutter will truly be packed away.


Minimalist spaces will need to be kept much cleaner because you will more often be able to see dust and dirt. The good news is that it is easier to clean because there is less to move to around when you are cleaning. Try to create a weekly cleaning rota. So in the week, keep on top of the general mess, but have a deep clean once a week. This will mean you are never overwhelmed.


Don’t be scared to add black furniture into your rooms. Although white does make things look bigger, black can lend a sophisticated edge. It’s easy to clean, and monochrome always remains classic.

Soft Furnishings

There is always a place for comfort. Minimalism shouldn’t ever mean cold or uninviting. Instead, you can furnish the space with plush rugs, soft cushions, and a pile of blankets will always be welcome.

Minimalism is as much about picking your furniture and stripping back as it is really appreciating what it is you have. Rather than buying more things that we don’t need, cherishing what we have and making the most of it.

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