How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a 5-star Hotel Room?

Kitting out your newly purchased house is always an amazing experience. After all, you’re witnessing its complete transformation into a homely abode of your dreams. Turning it from either a barebones shell and core condition, that is nothing but walls, windows, and doors, or a run-down state where everything is old and in dire need of replacing, to something approaching the home of your dreams, often requires a lot of dedication, time and sadly money.

But if you have all three in spades, why not turn your new home into a dwelling easily matching the most exquisite hotels in the luxury department? Your bedroom, as a place of rest and relaxation, should rival a 5-star hotel room in terms of comfort and convenience.

Below, you’ll find several tips and tricks on how to remake your bedchamber into a room worthy of a Hilton hotel or one of the properties from The Pattisall Group, including putting in a king-size bed, purchasing high-quality rugs, decorating the room with aesthetically pleasing art, placing mirrors, and creating a rich atmosphere with various illumination sources. Follow the advice below and learn that no matter where you live, designing a bedroom worthy of a noble is not as hard as you might think.

1. Install a King-Size Bed

The first thing you want to do when turning your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room is to remove the old bed from the room and replace it with a king-size one. The bigger the bed, the more comfortable and luxurious it looks and feels. The king-size bed will not only make your bedroom look and feel much more splendid; it will also increase the perceived value of your house since many potential buyers tend to associate large beds with luxury and high living standards.

Guest Bedroom After

2. Purchase High-Quality Rugs

A king-size bed is an important element, but so is the choice of the rug you’ll place in front of it. The rug you choose should be of high quality and durable, made from natural materials such as wool or silk. You want your guests to get that warm and fuzzy feeling when they take their shoes off and step onto the plush and soft pile of your rug. This is one of the best ways to create a luxurious vibe in your bedroom.

3. Decorate the Room With Aesthetically Pleasing Art

Nothing makes a room more beautiful than artwork. Whether you prefer modern art, impressionist paintings, or oil-on-canvas masterpieces, the trick is to place the artworks in the right spots around the room. You don’t want to overcrowd your bedroom with paintings, frames, and sculptures; instead, you should carefully select the most aesthetically pleasing pieces and hang them on the walls in such a way that they complement each other. The goal is to create an artistic coherence, where every piece of art is like a piece of the puzzle that is the overall design of your bedroom. 

You can purchase these pictures cheaply at flea markets or order them online, but if you have the budget for it, go for original paintings by famous artists, preferably impressionists or modern masters.

4. Place Mirrors

There are several ways mirrors can boost the perceived value of your house. First of all, they help brighten up the room, making it appear larger than it actually is. Second, they can help reflect sunlight during the day, turning your bedroom into an auxiliary solarium. Don’t be afraid to place them in strategic locations around your bedchamber – near the entrance, above the dresser, above the bed, etc.

5. Create a Rich Atmosphere With Various Illumination Sources

Finally, there are several ways to create a sense of richness in your bedroom that will make it equal or even surpass that of a 5-star hotel room. The first way is to create a symphony of different colors with the illumination sources you use in your bedroom.

Lighting is an essential element of design that works at transitioning between spaces and creating moods. Warm light helps you relax and fall asleep faster, while cool light helps you wake up more effectively. Soft light is perfect for reading or concentration work after dark, while bright light helps you wake up promptly in the morning.

Some people like to use lots of lamps with additional dimmers to adjust brightness levels as needed throughout the day, while others prefer overhead lighting since it creates an airier feel in the room. Choose whatever suits you best and makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable at night or helps you wake up early in the morning.


Creating a bedroom that rivals a top-class hotel room is not as hard as you might think. All you need is some time, dedication, and a little bit of money. Once you get the project underway, you’ll be rewarded with a bedroom that not only looks and feels luxurious but also adds to the overall value of your house. Good luck, and may your bedroom be worthy of a kind!

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