Home Decorating Inspiration: 5 Small Ways to Add Personal Touches

When it comes to home decor, there are countless ways to add your personal touch. From adding color to your walls to hanging up some unique wall art, these are all simple and affordable ways to make your house feel like your own. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add personality to any room in your home, changing the light fixtures is also a great option. So if you need a little home decor inspiration, be sure to check out this article for five small ways you can add personality to any room in your home.

1. Add color to your walls – Paint your bedroom, living room, or even hallways

One of the simplest and most effective ways to add personal touches to your home decor is by adding color to your walls. Painting your bedroom, living room, or even hallways can brighten up the space and give it a more inviting vibe. Whether you choose a bright, bold color or something more subdued, adding color to your walls is a great way to make your home feel like your own. Plus, painting is a relatively inexpensive way to give your home a fresh new look!

2. Decorate with wall art – Hang up a favorite photo, painting, or tapestry to bring the space together

Another way to add your personal touch to your home decor is by hanging up some wall art. Wall art is a simple yet effective way to tie all the elements in a room together, creating a more cohesive look within your space. And when it comes to decorating with wall art, there’s no limit to how you can display them! From photo prints to paintings, tapestries, and more, there are plenty of unique wall art options on the market.

Guest Bedroom After

Plus, wall art is relatively inexpensive and easy to hang up, which makes decorating with it a bonus! You can put up important photos, signs, or quotes that you love to make your home feel more like your own. And if you wish to display an old photo, you can use a photo retouching service to restore it and create a photo that looks as if it were taken recently.

3. Personalize furniture with paint or stencils – From desks and coffee tables to chairs and end tables, you can implement your creative design for beautiful results

Another simple and affordable way to bring a more personal touch to your home decor is by painting or stenciling furniture. Painting the legs of a desk, staining a coffee table, painting/stenciling an end table, and even repainting an old chair are all great ways to infuse your style into any room in your home. Plus, you can repaint your furniture in the same color or a new color to give it an entirely different look! You could even paint them with chalkboard paint and use them like a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions with friends and family.

4. Get a new area rug – Rugs add warmth and softness to any room in your home, plus they’re easy to clean!

One of the best ways to add comfort and warmth to any space in your home is by adding an area rug. Area rugs add that extra bit of plushness underfoot that makes walking barefoot more enjoyable. Plus, they’re easy to clean which makes them ideal for high-traffic spaces, like kitchens and entryways. Whether you use it in your living room or place it right outside your door, using an area rug is the quickest way to bring comfort and style into any home.

5. Change light fixtures – Updating old light fixtures is a quick & easy project anyone can do themselves

Another simple way to infuse your personality into any space in your home is by updating the light fixtures. Whether it’s installing new light bulbs, completely changing out the fixture itself, or even switching out some wall sconces for table lamps, updating your lighting fixtures will have a dramatic impact on your overall room design. And if you’re not quite sure how to get started, you can always visit your local hardware store to get informed about the different types of lighting fixtures.

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