Four Crafty Ways To Bring Metallics Into Your Home

The days of saving gold and silver for Christmas decorations are well and truly over. The metallics trend is here to stay, and if your home décor is starting to feel faded, nothing adds a touch of glam like metallics. But gold, silver and copper items can be expensive additions, especially if you’re not ready to commit to the trend wholesale. If you’re into crafts, these tips will help you invite metallic into your home without breaking the bank.

Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture

Repurposing your existing furniture by adding a metallic finish is a perfect way to embrace the metallic trend without creating waste. Give that old wooden desk a new lease on life by sanding it down and spray-painting it copper, or add some metallic knobs to a chest of drawers. While the metallic trend is certainly not the cheapest trend out there, you can easily get around this obstacle by making use of items you already own. Grab a tin of metallic spray paint from your local DIY store and create something modern and fresh. Crafting your own metallic items can be a rewarding way to have fun and recycle dull furniture at the same time.

It’s The Little Things

It’s worth noting with the metallics trend that less is more. While it may be exciting to add metallics to your home decor repertoire, sophistication can easily spill over into tackiness. When you’re just getting a feel for metallics, rather than go the whole hog right away, it pays to select a few small items and see how they affect the overall style of the room you are decorating. Play around with pieces like vases, mirrors, trays or pieces of artwork. If you’re a craft wiz, you could create your own metallic accented décor or artwork. Metallic-look craft materials like copper foil or bronze spray paint can be a great way to bring eye-catching but cost effective metallic pieces. Textiles, like curtain tie-backs and throw cushions, are always a great canvas for trying something new décor-wise. Why not embroider some throw cushions with metallic stitching or trims?

Go Big

While this may seem to contradict the first point, a good way to test the waters in the world of metallics is to select a statement metallic piece that tickles your fancy. For example, why not go for an eye catching silver coffee table, or a large copper wall mirror? As long as it’s the only statement piece in the room, you won’t risk going over the top.

Not All Metallics Were Created Equal

When you’re trying to create a particular effect using metallics, bear in mind that the different materials and colors are going to create a different aesthetic, depending on the context. Don’t get stuck on golds and silvers. The modern approach is to incorporate bronze, copper and even rose-gold. And while you might expect that mixing your metallics is a décor no-no, blending or even clashing of metallics is a big part of this trend. In addition to materials, give careful thought to textures as well. For example, a brass tray with an antique finish is going to look older and more classic than a brass tray with a smooth, shiny finish.

If you’re keen to introduce metallics to your home, these tips will help you do it right.

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