Ideas For Making Your Office More Fun While Keeping It Professional and Productive

Creating a Fun Work Environment Without Sacrificing Professionalism

Most offices have a ”serious” look. For most business owners, this is the best way for clients to associate them with professionalism and expect the best from them. While this thinking is true, the serious office look will also affect your employees’ productivity levels. Only a few people would, after all, want to work in an office where they feel like they have to follow set rules every second. Moreover, an uptight environment hampers their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Consider an office refurbishment to create a fun atmosphere for your workspace. This atmosphere will make employees want to spend as much time in the office and boost their morale and, consequently, your profits. Even so, fun for your workspace does not mean you have to sacrifice your professional look. You can get a fun office that still exudes professionalism by working with a fit-out company to put together the following ideas.

Create a Theme

When decorating without a theme in mind, you may end up incorporating a little bit of everything and leaving your workspace looking tacky. Before starting, consider your work values and the atmosphere that appeals to both clients and employees. If, for instance, you are a sporting event company, consider incorporating team colors, memorabilia and historic sporting articles into your decor to support a sporting theme.

Keep It Colorful Yet Simple

One of the best ways to exude fun is by incorporating some bold colors into your office space. Select some colorful throw pillows or wall art to add some vibrancy into your space. But do not go overboard with a lot of bold colors since this might leave the office looking childish. The amount of color you can use in your space, however, largely depends on your field. Companies in the arts and marketing industry, for example, can get away with a lot of vibrant colors and patterns. This might, however, be too much for those in conservative fields.

Have a Cool Break Room

In most places, the break room is a bland place with a few kitchen essentials, tables and chairs. These, of course, serve the purpose of the break area but will not motivate employees to take breaks and rejuvenate themselves. Have a cool break area that will motivate people to relax and break the monotony of their workday. Decorate the break area to resonate with the rest of your office, but in a way that makes it more fun than professional. Incorporate comfortable seats and exciting books and activities.

Stock Your Bookshelf

In most offices, bookshelves are stacked in corners waiting to hold documents and trophies in the future. Stock your bookshelf with interesting books and magazines not related to your work. These books can generate some inspiration for people to work and break the monotony of an office. They can also keep guests occupied when waiting for services.

Thankfully, the above ideas will work for virtually all industries. You should not ignore them merely because you are in a conservative field. Your refurbished office will draw in clients, and you will have guaranteed returns on your investment in no time.


  • Reply Terrie Tipler April 16, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    What great ideas to share. Great share Jodi!

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    These are great tips! I love the break room idea.

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