Completely Transform Your Bedroom- On a Tight Budget

Is your bedroom in need of a refresh? You might be putting it off because you dont have a huge budget, but actually, it can be done for much less than you might think. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable and cosy place in the world, so make sure it’s up to scratch! Here are a few ways you can go about it.


First things first, decluttering the space and getting rid of things you don’t need can do wonders. The room will feel bigger, more spacious and more organised since you’ll know where everything is. Go through drawers, cupboards and the wardrobe, put together some bags to give to the charity shop or ask friends if there’s anything they want. Purchase some storage bins, baskets and drawer dividers to organise everything you plan on keeping. Not only does it make the room easier to navigate, but it gives it a more calming and peaceful feel too when every drawer and cupboard isn’t fit to burst.

Paint the walls

Painting the walls is a really easy way to completely transform a room for not much money. Spend some time prepping the walls, remove any fussy or peeling wallpaper, and use a ready made filler to easily repair and cracks or scuffs. Use sandpaper to smooth everything out, and then paint with your colour of choice. A light neutral will always work well, or you could go with a soft pastel shade for a relaxed vibe to the room. Paint the woodwork such as the door and skirting boards as well as the ceiling in a brilliant white to make it look clean and modern.

Make Your Own Soft Furnishings

Instead of paying a fortune for things like ready made curtains and cushions, if you have a sewing machine then why not make your own? You have much more choice as you can choose whatever fabric you want, and you can make things to your own specifications. You could create a quilted bedspread, cover your dressing table stool to match your curtains or just make a few decorative pillows without spending much.

Find second hand bargains

Buying second hand is a great way to snag a bargain, charity shops and classifieds sites are full of people selling really good items much less than they’d be in the shops. Things like furniture are a good choice, even older styles can be upcycled and brought up to date with a lick of paint. Just be aware of buying things like mattresses or bedding second hand, any bed bug exterminator will tell you that this is a known way for pests to spread from household to household! But anything that can be easily cleaned such as wood, ornaments and other accessories are completely fine to buy.

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